Gentry incident or murderous imitation All fruit Superman appeared again in

Gentry incident or murderous imitation? The whole fruit Superman is once again rich in heroes and supermen in the creation of neon country in Tokyo, with a facade knight, a pervert, and a bald man. Not long ago, people only caught a haunt of the whole fruit in Hyogo Prefecture, Superman, cheerful. I did not expect that now in Tokyo eight Prince city also appeared a whole fruit Superman, causing the whole people to panic! According to witnesses, the whole fruit Superman went out late in the night, tied a flashlight on his head, and walked all the fruit. Men are 165 centimeters tall, medium sized, and short hair. The police are pursuing it, and the Japanese media use the "eight Tomb Village events" to render the Superman’s behavior. The eight Tomb Village incident is said to be the most horrific murder case in the history of modern Japanese crime. A man in the middle of the night will be tied to the torch head, the murder of the village, this story has been adapted many times for novels and comics, movies, are interested in shoes can read "eight Mr Kan" or "Tomb Tomb Village eight village". As for the news of the gentleman, the Japanese netizens expressed their opinion: "there are second full – fruit supermen!" "If you arrest this guy, you’ll have third full – fruit supermen." "Maybe they’re a five – man team." "Why don’t there be such a gentleman in the game?" "The prisoner: ‘as long as I fall, there will be second third brothers standing up!’"