Girls idol brush votes cheated million also laughed at each other luonv

Female Idol "brush ticket" cheated million yuan has been ridiculed by the other side to let the female students xiaozou favorite idol win in the online voting, please help professionals brush votes, the results being cheated 10 thousand yuan in vain. Small Zou more sad is that the money was cheated, he also ridiculed her: "you do not know I was cheated." Yesterday, Xinghua police said, with the support of the Guangdong police, Xinghua police arrested the suspect Chen in Guangdong, Chen. According to the police, Xinghua Xiao Zou, junior year is a groupie. In July 10th, a website held "app fans Festival" voting, in order to make their favorite idol won at the polls, xiaozou decided to pay the "professional" idol brush ticket. Through the search, find a small Zou brush ticket "professionals on the internet". The other small Zou remittance, and also proposed to pay first and then brush votes. In the "professional" bargaining, xiaozou decided to 12 thousand yuan in exchange for 100 thousand votes. Because not previously done similar transactions, "prudent" small Zou has 3 times to turn the 500 yuan, 1000 yuan and 2000 yuan. In the meantime, found a small Zou idol suddenly rose the votes. That is the "professional" role, xiaozou dispel doubts, the balance of 8500 yuan into all the other account. However, xiaozou remittance found his idol votes until the end of the event have not risen significantly. Xiao Zou hastened to contact each other, the other said, because the brush votes is not successful, we will refund the small zou. Small Zou asked when you can get a refund, unexpectedly at small Zou liar himself: "you do not know that they cheated, and quickly pull the black small zou. About being cheated, xiaozou quick alarm, the local police station immediately made contact with the Xinghua Municipal Public Security Bureau network monitoring unit, the trajectory is judged in the network, after careful investigation, police found Guangdong city of Zhongshan province Chen is a major suspect. Not long ago, in Guangdong with the support of the local police arrested Chen. Chen confessed illegal, and withdrew all the money. The police, the fraud case, xiaozou Qingren scalping behavior, is a fraud, she is eager to contribute for the idol mentality, let crooks advantage of the loophole. (correspondent Wang Dahua reporter Wang Guozhu)相关的主题文章: