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Health When you finally get your life in hand and begin to set goals you must realize that goal setting is for life. For example if your goal is to achieve financial security then you may reach a dollar amount in a few years but then you must maintain that dollar amount and make it grow so when you reach a specific goal you will need to modify that goal and set a revised goal so that money keeps growing and then your goal be.es a project in motion which must keep growing so that your life goal setting which is financial security is then reached. When you set a goal you would begin with a large goal or design the big picture. After you have defined this big picture which might be to have lifelong financial security you must then break it down into smaller steps so that the actual goal is more manageable. If you dont do this you wont be able to achieve your goal and your goal setting will not be.e reality. Goals have to manageable even thought they can be high they have to be such that they can be met or the goal maker will get discouraged too easily. When you have decided on your steps or small goals to reach your big picture goal you must write them down which is a way of defining them so you can read them everyday. When you can read your goals everyday they will be.e imprinted in your mind and it will be.e second nature to keep reaching for them. They be.e a part of your entire life and life style. But they must be measurable and specific. So when you write them down make sure you incorporate the specific steps you must take to achieve them. In the case of financial security one of the small steps might be research. Research is important when goal setting because you really have to understand what you are setting for yourself. But dont get bogged down in the research and forget you have to continue to reach for the goal. Dont get too involved in any part of goal reaching or you will get lost in the minutia of the goal and not the goal itself. In the case of financial security you can talk to a banker or investment specialist and do some inter. research but once you have that information check off that set and move up to the next step. This might be to actually open an IRA and set up an automatic payroll deduction. Once you have the payroll deductions setup move onto the next step of your goal. As you reach each goal step check them off your written goal. What you are doing is giving yourself a detailed set of instructions to work with so you know how to achieve this goal successfully. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: