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Gone in europe! The Chinese Premier melee spoiler defending champion Qi Huangshen [collection] Chelsea 4-0 Manchester Pedro Zal accomplishment broke o teenager history of the most brutal season of sports news October 25th Tencent such as the night suddenly north, the city of the first king of the flag: not to say three fantasy novels, but the five major European league. The start of the season so far has been 3 months, major league title situation than in previous years, the "stagnant water", there are signs of chaos and strife change dynasties. Premier League: is the worst season in history the most successful League in Europe? A lot of people will ask questions about it. But the Premier League is certainly the most interesting League in europe. In the four season, the Premier League overlord changed hands four, mainstream European League alone this one, no semicolon. But even the original is very chaotic, the Premier League, this season also chaos out of the new record, after the 9 round, the premier league standings top five only poor points, which is the creation of the Premier League, the most brutal season! The premier league standings after the 9 round, Manchester City, A Senna, Liverpool (data) (data) is 20 points, goal difference are 11, A Senna 10, Liverpool city 9, three teams with 1 goal difference points out 1-3. Chelsea (data) 19 points and a goal difference of 10 ranked fourth, Tottenham 19 9 goal ranking fifth. The five largest gap of only 1 points, goal difference gap up to only 2, so close to the top of the situation, has created over the same period in the Premier League, has never been! Access to history, the Premier League since the creation of the 1992-93 season so far, after the 9 round, the first and the last one of the top fifth points, is the 2000-01 season, but there are also a gap of the season of 2 points. This season’s Premier League, is the most close to the top group, the most competitive season. The marshal, the chaebol are Fuzion, is bound to make the Premier League cruel to a new level. The defending champion Levin record this season is bleak, a long time the League was lower than the crown integral, currently in the Premier League twelfth. Spanish: "west of three" face a strong challenge to Barcelona (official data) dropped 9 round lost 2 games the past 4 seasons in the league, after the 9 round, all is "West three" Real Madrid (data), Barcelona and Atletico among the four leaders Barcelona, once got a 25-27 score (the 9 round 8 win 1 draw or victory). But this season, West super three teams, but faced with strong challenges. The reigning champions Barcelona, suffered a difficult start to the season, the 9 round they lost 2 games, but lost to Alves and Viggo that the limited capacity of the team celta. Red and blue army defensive instability has become a big problem, the 9 round lost the ball – which is the 1991-92 season so far, after a lapse of 25 years, Barcelona lost the first time so many balls. Defensive performance of the law, which means that Barcelona want to defend, many problems need to be solved. Real Madrid trapped in the aftermath of the impact of the C European Cup, the state of decline. Ma Jing also encountered difficulties, so that the top four. For many years to win the Europa League, Seville has one of the strongest defense Billy Yaleiya Haier Spanish team showed more than in previous years fighting force. In the past few years, in Spanish)相关的主题文章: