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Google attaches great importance to Pixel mobile phone advertisement appeared on the streets of New York – Sohu digital mobile phone China [news] the day before, Google has determined the conference will be held on October 4th, will be a new product launch. And in previous years is not the same, this new product may be a new pro son series Google Pixel phone, with more participation in Google, attention has also increased the level of. This is not the case, Google has put the Pixel mobile phone advertising conference hit the streets of New York, to more people announced that it will hold a press conference in October 4th! Google Pixel mobile phone advertising element is very simple, the basic is October 4th, the phone frame and a G". Although it did not disclose more information, but before the release date and the fuselage profile was confirmed again. Foreign media pointed out that Google advertising is located in urban Manhattan Penn Station (Penn Station), crowded, not only local residents, but also a lot of foreign tourists. So, Google on the conference is really quite seriously, hope that the new machine will be very awesome. Before, Nest (Google’s mother Alphabet subsidiary) in Holland put a TV ad, which appeared in the presence of silver Google Pixel figure. From the point of view of the screenshot, the aircraft is indeed rendering the figure, the whole is a large round design, the front is a white panel, the side of the metal frame, the camera in the back shell side, you on this Google style aesthetic to the point?相关的主题文章: