Gossip secret drink water with water will get stones The truth is like this.-mkdv-02

Gossip secret: drink water with water will get stones? The truth is that the source of science Chinese: Recently, the Internet rumors of a large number of magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate scale, long-term drinking can easily lead to stomach and kidney stones. Is it true or false? In fact, drinking tap water does not affect health. As the scale of the main components such as carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, water is absorbed by the body, the scale of acid magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate dissolution, decomposition of the part will not be excreted with the feces, and there is no special effects on the body. Because the stomach liquid is strongly acidic, regardless of the water we drink contains too much calcium or too many other ions, after acid decomposition, some free ions will be formed, so it does not have the chances of stone formation. Because most of these ions are discharged, some of them are absorbed and utilized by the body. In addition, the formation of kidney stones, including calcium ions, magnesium ions, these ions are too high, after the formation of a small amount of precipitation in the urine. The formation of gallstone disease is related to many factors, such as metabolism, diet, living environment, occupation, gender and genetic factors, on the basis of a single factor to cause a disease directly arbitrary conclusion is not desirable. We get to drink the water especially within the scope permitted by the state qualified tap water ion concentration, it does not increase the burden on the kidneys, out of these ions concentration, far less than the concentration of precipitation formation of stones, so we do not have to worry about will lead to gallstones. (author: Dong Wei national level two public nutritionist)相关的主题文章: