Gu Yongqiang era officially ended the video industry industry chain to enter the battle

"Gu Yongqiang era officially ended the video industry into the industry chain for each reporter Zhang Si from 2006 to 2016, Koo Youku led over 10 years. In October 31st, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong issued a message, announced potatoes Youku CEO Victor Koo Youku potatoes will no longer serve as chairman and CEO positions. As early as September of this year, Koo had hinted at the idea of foreign office, "I am a horse, a horse for a long time to take a break, I should be able to take a day off." Gu Yongqiang himself said in the message, he will focus on ecological investment, responsible for the preparation of cultural entertainment industry fund. Internet watchers Wang Liyang told the "daily economic news" reporter said, from the previous focus on adjusting the Ali civic sector a series of view, Ali will eventually form a complete ecological matrix, Koo is a matter of to retire after winning merit. Ali to build a new eco entertainment Alibaba group announced that in order to promote the cultural entertainment strategy, the formal establishment of Alibaba culture entertainment group, at the same time, will raise the scale of more than ten billion yuan in the entertainment industry fund. And appointed Yu Yongfu as Alibaba Entertainment Group (chips) chairman and CEO. Previously, Ma Yun proposed "wholly acquired in a ouble H strategy group, digital entertainment is an important part, because its business is complex, can not find a suitable candidate to co-ordinate the development, has not formed a clear development ideas, cultural entertainment forum was founded and until Yu Yongfu in command, and that Ali a group of real resources integration into the fast lane. Therefore, with the unity, micro-blog, UC this three carriages of the more and more closely, the industry believes that a variety of initiatives that Alibaba is trying to build a new entertainment ecology. Gu Yongqiang said in an open letter, I will and Cai Chongxin, Ali, Ali, the formation of the strategic investment committee, and served as chairman of the board of directors of the president of the United States and the United States, and in, in an open letter, mr.. Strategic layout and strategic investment Ali entertainment ecological investment committee will be responsible for the civic sector, and plans to raise the ecological fund size of about $1 billion 500 million, a Alibaba, fund, I will become the first batch of investors." "The video industry rough competition has ended, at this stage the Koo successful annexation of potatoes, but the current video industry to fight the whole industry chain operation ability, Koo introduced Ali is also in order to help Ali in other aspects of the ability, Ali excellent soil is very fancy." Wang Liyang believes that with the change of market environment, is now a large entertainment competition, centralized resource management operations, it is not suitable for Koo to operate, more suitable for market competition has always been in the line of Yu Yongfu. At the same time, Wang Liyang pointed out that the success of Yu Yongfu took over the High German embodies its ability to compete in the market. As the founder of Youku and Koo has to retire after winning merit time, so Ali allowed to rise a level, in charge of investment matters. The competition in the industry has changed in March 2012, Youku and potatoes to 100% of the convertible merger, potatoes delisting, Koo took over the new company Youku potatoes, soil.相关的主题文章: