Guangdong Media China and Asia is equivalent to the home court scattered away

Guangdong Media: China and Asia is equivalent to the home court scattered away unique Orangemen lost again staged a Chinese soccer history of countless times this night repeated Xi’an’s tragic story with a cold rain, if the Orangemen won, it was a very poetic night. Unfortunately, the Orangemen lost again staged a Chinese soccer history repeated countless times tragic story. For the loss of the game, Gao Hongbo no doubt when the primary responsibility! 6 years ago for the first time in charge of the Orangemen coach, Gao Hongbo was 4231 to the formation and the pursuit of the ground with and let the fans see hope. But I do not know why, Gao Hongbo returned to the helm of the foot after 6 years, in the 12 race of the first three games, but firmly played the three defender this country foot is not familiar with the formation, and firmly use renhang – Syria in the battle before the opening when the host read list of countries in football Ren hang, is the first to be reported out of the name, is the only one to offer players the fans booed! Compared with the strange employing strategy, Gao Hongbo completely abandoned the ground that he had been struggling to control the game. For example, the Syrian war tonight, despite the 352 attack on a number of advantages, but the whole game down, the Orangemen offensive are started by Feng Xiaoting backcourt pass, a simply looking for Gao Lin and Zhang Yuning two points, like the blind head like flies. The wing, forward, straight and routine, does not reflect any. On the other hand, Japan and South Korea, although the current round of home also suffered a lot of resistance, but eventually won, in the final analysis is that people attack someone, there are ways! More frustrating is that Gao Hongbo said after the game, the soccer teams in the axis of control by foreign aid, so they can only find some characteristics in line with the current international tactical settings. Orangemen poor offense already is not news, but Gao Hongbo and his predecessor Perrin say what is the difference? Not only that, after the 12 strong qualifying qualifying, the Chinese Football Association and why he would like to renew? When it comes to the Chinese Football Association, their preparation for the entire 12 games can not be described as hard work, but also to find the super club coordination, but also engage in charter flights, but also an unprecedented increase in winning bonuses. But in the home court the key problem, Chinese football has fallen into the trap of "market", take 5 games contracted to 5 different city – and Asia, unique, is to let the football played 5 more games! 900 years ago, Xin Qiji wrote the famous "Bodhisattva" word, which is classic: "looking northwest Changan, numerous poor mountain!" In contrast the scene tonight, how appropriate, China football never what "land" in the team and the Asian first-class level in pursuit of Chinese football, but also across the mountain thousand!相关的主题文章: