Guangzhou Automobile Group Chairman Zhang to the age of retirement Liu Tienan has been involved in

Guangzhou Automobile Group Chairman Zhang to the age of retirement: once involved the case checked Guangzhou Liu Tienan Group Chairman Zhang experience Guangzhou show car at the show. The chairman of Chinese data visual GAIG Zhang to the age of retirement: has been involved in the Liu Tienan case, Ceng Qinghong successor source: surging news GAIG founder Zhang announced the retirement of baton. In September 28th, GAIG cadres conference announced that the current GAIG and Guangzhou Automobile Group Chairman Zhang Fangyou due to the retirement age, no longer serve as chairman of Guangzhou, his successor is the incumbent vice chairman of Guangzhou Automobile Group and general manager Ceng Qinghong. This marks the car into the brilliant Zhang room sometimes come to an end. Ceng Qinghong was born in July 1961, graduate students, senior engineer, from 1999 to 2005 served as executive vice president of GAC Honda, in 2005 as general manager of Guangzhou Automobile group. Ceng Qinghong in 1979 to enter the Guangzhou automobile group belongs to Guangzhou auto repair shop, 37 years in Guangzhou city. According to the group’s internal staff, said Ceng Qinghong has a strong personal style, style tough, pragmatic and capable. During his tenure as general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group has been with Zhang daban. The room has been in charge of the chairman of the board for 19 years. In July 1997, Zhang from the director of the Guangzhou municipal government deputy secretary general and auto industry office office, was transferred to the chairman of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd, until recently retiring. It can be said that Zhang served as head of Guangzhou for the past 19 years, lay the foundation, is its rapid development stage. Zhang urged its reorganization described as stepped over guangzhou. At that time, Guangzhou Automobile Group due to joint ventures with Peugeot’s failure into a bottleneck, Zhang first is tough to lift with Peugeot contract, then Honda’s joint venture with the negotiations, finally put aside the three party designated by the state to participate in the "big brother" Dongfeng automobile joint venture with Honda set up a separate program, accounting for 50% stake the joint venture company, and by Honda share the $1 billion debt Guangzhou Peugeot, and introduced the most advanced accord models, which resulted in the rise of guangzhou. Later, Guangzhou Automobile Group and Honda and TOYOTA formed a joint venture enterprise, and generous to promote cross regional mergers and acquisitions, today has formed a wide, Guangfeng, MITSUBISHI and GAC’s and the rapid development of the joint plate vehicle business in the GAMC (trumpchi brand) project. Guangzhou Automobile Group, therefore, from the end of the original ranking of the state-owned automobile group has become the largest domestic sales volume of the top five Automotive Group, and to achieve a strong growth in the overall market and profitability. Although the development of independent brands in the cooperation with foreign capital, its market position has been consolidated, but according to some real ideas, the ultimate goal of Guangzhou is a "has its own core technology and brand essence global car prices". During his tenure, Zhang Fang has been insisting on the development of independent brands. In recent years, the domestic brands of GAC trumpchi development into the fast lane, and a real number of some of the business philosophy of some association. 2011, Zhang room to accept the Yangcheng Evening News interview, said: I think the development of independent brands, GAC相关的主题文章: