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Guangzhou insured   inpatients in 104 hospitals; immediate settlement (list) – Guangdong channel: original title: Guangzhou insured inpatients in 104 hospitals in the immediate settlement (list) list of the province insured Guangzhou city direct settlement remote medical medical institutions (as of September 29th) the National Day holiday approaching, yesterday from Guangzhou City Health insurance the bureau came the good news: as of that day, 104 different places in the province of Guangdong and Guangzhou have been designated hospitals for medical treatment on-line network settlement. This means that the city of Guangzhou in line with the provisions of the remote medical health insurance the insured person, in other cities in Guangdong province hospital can choose to schedule the hospital, so as to enjoy instant medical billing, do not have to advance their own expenses reimbursed back to Guangzhou. Guangzhou City Health Bureau responsible person, in the health of the insured person in Guangzhou, there are many different medical needs, mainly two types: one is in Guangzhou before the insured, after retirement to return home to live in different places in the province; two is the unit of work in Guangzhou, also in Guangzhou insured, but was assigned to other units work in city. According to statistics, at present, the insured person (including workers and residents) in Guangzhou, about 83 thousand people in the province, outside the medical record. Express reporter learned that, before the two people go through the different treatment procedures, because of illness requiring hospitalization in medical institutions in different places in the province, the need to advance their own full medical expenses, and then took the documents back to Guangzhou without reimbursement, if all the information has to return to the hospital in the City, very troublesome. "In the networked remote medical billing, (the two class) as long as for remote medical registration application selection of Guangzhou city health insurance network of local hospitals, can immediate reimbursement of medical expenses in the hospital when." Guangzhou City Health Bureau of the relevant person in charge of the hospital at present in Guangzhou province’s network has reached 104, which can basically meet the needs of the insured person in remote medical treatment. Guangzhou health insurance policy, the insured person for remote medical treatment can be selected in different locations 3 hospitals. City Health Insurance Bureau called for, in line with the provisions of the medical insurance management of different medical care in Guangzhou Province in the province to apply for off-site medical treatment should be given priority to choose a network of local designated hospitals. In this way, the occurrence of hospitalization in accordance with the provisions of the hospital medical expenses can be accounted for immediate billing, both to save time, but also to avoid personal capital turnover pressure. Q – Q: I have been for the different treatment procedures, but not in the selected hospital how to do direct networking and clearing the list,? A: you can handle the relevant formalities for the change, according to the actual medical needs, off-site non networked medical institutions change to Guangzhou city has selected medical institutions of the Internet such as remote medical institutions; you selected less than 3, can increase the choice of local network in Guangzhou has been the province of remote medical institutions on the line. Insured person can be close to the city of Guangzhou district health insurance two agencies handling. The unit is handled by the handling of the unit; is an individual, if I am unable to return to Guangzhou, may entrust others to handle. Procedures: carrying a copy of the identity card (the Commission should also be issued by the client ID card copy), personal written)相关的主题文章: