Half – Ji Xiang Teixeira break Mathews lost point Yongchang temporary Su Ning – Sohu sports 0-2-sayu-02

Half – Ji Xiang Teixeira break Yongchang lost point 0-2 Su Ning – Sohu sports Beijing time on the evening of September 11th 19:35, the Super League twenty-fourth round of a focus battle, Shijiazhuang, Yongchang against Jiangsu suning. The first half Jiaxiang to break the deadlock, Teixeira then hit a penalty to expand the score; then Mathews penalty is not in the first half of Suning 2-0 ahead of Yongchang. In the past 4 games, Yongchang 2 flat 2 negative is hard to find a win, the first 11 home court this season, Yongchang 4 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses, the last 2 Lianping Hebei Huaxia happiness and TEDA home court; Suning League and FA Cup double battle under the condition of the past 3 games unbeaten record, before 11 League away, Suning 4 wins 2 flat 5 negative, a league away 2-1 defeat Yatai, stopped even after Yanbian Luneng, Shenhua and negative trend. Yongchang and Suning played 3 times in the history of China, Yongchang, the top 1 wins and 1 losses, last season at home 2-1 Yongchang beat suning. Fourth minutes, the gross profit before Theo took the ball, suddenly be back Yang Xiaotian shovel damage. Tenth minutes, suddenly Yang Xiaotian bottom, pass the ball by Feng Shaoshun denied the bottom line, Suning get out on the left corner opportunity into the box, the first point is the Yongchang player siege. After 2 minutes, Suning free kick before the road, Wu Xi’s free kick directly hit, hit the man on the wall pop. Twentieth minutes, the gross profit before Theo took the ball, suddenly cut, was Ramirez back down to the ground. Thirtieth minutes, Martinez sent the knife edge of the area, the right Xiecha came in front of the ball easily Jiaxiang offside tui! Su Ning 1-0 leading Yongchang. 2 minutes later, Teixeira took the ball out of the box Li Chao continuous defensive back tackle booked, the referee gave Suning the penalty, Teixeira kick up the right foot hit the door directly! Su Ning 2-0 leading Yongchang. Thirty-eighth minutes, Mao Jianqing periphery Long Gu Chao was rushed a little out of the bottom line, hit the crossbar. Gross profit thirty-ninth minutes, Theo broke into the restricted area, is back hung right down to the ground, the referee also gave Yongchang a penalty, Mathews penalty column on the left side. Forty-second minutes, midfielder foul on Ramirez mi Haolun before the referee was reissued yellow. The first half of Yongchang 0-2 temporarily behind. Shijiazhuang Yongchang first: 22- earthquake; 13- Feng Shaoshun, 14- Zhao Rongheng, 4- Li Chao, 5- Jiang Jihong, 25- 33-, 10- Haolun MI; Mathews Reuben, 35- Li Tixiang and 7- Mao Jianqing; 30- Shao Puliang, Mauricio bench: 12- 2-, Lv Hongchen 3-, Liu Junpeng 11-, Huang Shibo 16-, Li Kai 20- and 23- Hu Wei during the Jiangsu Suning first round: 1- Gu Chao; 5- 26-, Zhou Yun, Yang Hong is 28- 12- Zhang Xiaobin and 22- Wu Xi Xiaotian; Ramirez, Xie Pengfei, 7- 11-, 24- 10-, 38-R Ji Xiang; Teixeira? Martinez bench: 30- Zhang Sipeng, 6- Byrness bury, 8- Liu Jianye, 13- plug, Taoyuan 20- Zhang Xinlin, 21- Li Zhichao, 40- Nishioka t ()相关的主题文章: