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He Youjun Yan Beckham not lose value "son lead users licking the screen Lawrence ho Kwan and Beckham Lawrence ho Kwan and Vitoria Tencent entertainment news recently in a rare party appeared on the same stage Beckham and Vitoria couple really the scenery without the two, but recently the king of Macao He Hongshen’s son Lawrence ho Kwan drying out and the couple’s photo, actually a little popularity don’t lose to Mack daddy Beckham, attracting countless users to lick the screen. He Youjun, who was known as the "mathematical genius" since childhood, has been the greatest pride of his father, He Hongshen and his mother, as well as the greatest pride of her own. The Superman and the vast Yan high value coexist, the Lawrence ho Kwan has become all the people attention and focus. The He Youjun drying out a photo of Beckham, his young handsome face, exudes elegant temperament, once won the hearts of many users, many users have shouted: "handsome! As bright as Beckham!" "The handsome and talented people, really give me a long face!" "Youth is invincible ah, it seems that my husband and candidate substitutions!" In another photo, apparently when Lawrence ho Kwan and Mrs Beckham Vitoria photo is more relaxed, two natural demeanor, with aura, make friends busy licking the screen at the same time, also do not forget to exclaim shouted: "although Lawrence ho Kwan is so young, but out of the gas field was a little too do not lose to the powerful gas field Beckham, oh!" His son He Youjun and his girlfriend shopping for purchasing willing porters相关的主题文章: