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Health A MASSIVE In.e Tax (I-T) department raid at 56 places in Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur and Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh, unearthed a racket in the health department. Investigations of the Friday (May 30) raid by the I-T sleuths are still on, according to informed sources. The state Health minister Ajay Bishnoi is crying foul. His younger brother Abhays residence in Jabalpur was raided. While the minister has blamed the Congress leader Suresh Pachauri, Digvijay Singh and others, calling the raid politically motivated, his opponents point out that it was a fallout of an earlier I-T department raid on September 8, 2007, at the health .missioner Yogiraj Sharmas residence in Bhopal, according to highly placed sources. At that time Rs 130 crore and several documents were seized from Sharmas residence. It was found that he was a partner of International Public School. The I-T sleuths had kept a close watch on various people. One of them was Rajesh Rajora (1990 batch IAS), health .missioner then, presently the Home secretary of the BJP-led state government. As a result, Rajora sent his resignation to the chief secretary on Saturday (May 31). Similar raids were conducted at director health Dr Ashok Sharmas Bhopal and Indore residences. Sources pointed out that UK Samal, a retired IAS officer, is presently a director of Raj Group, which is into real estate and media. The grapevine has it that Samal and the Raj group owners had almost finalised their plans to launch an aviation .pany. It is also alleged that several politicians and bureaucrats of the MP had parked their ill-gotten money with the said group. Sources alleged that Ashok Sharmas cousin Hridesh Dixit is resident editor of Raj Express. Hridesh Dixits younger brother Awdesh Dixit was a supplier of medicines in the health department, which is currently under the I-T scanner. Allegedly Dixit brothers are a part of the health department medicine supply racket, according to sources. The I-T department cast their net on Arun Sehlot, chairman and managing director (CMD) of the Raj group. Raids were conducted at the residences of the relatives and directors of Raj Group. Hridesh Dixit too was questioned by the I-T officials. Perhaps the haul would have been much bigger various media houses quoted between Rs 70 crore and Rs 90 crore from the Friday raid. But, the news of the I-T raid leaked, possibly through the police. Earlier, it was decided that the raids would be conducted on May 27. However, since the I-T department could not get enough police force from the state government, it was postponed to May 30, according to informed sources. On a telephonic interview with Merinews, Hridesh Dixit confirmed that he was interrogated by the I-T officials. He also stated that I-T raids were conducted at the CMD Sehlots residence. Raids were also conducted at the residences of the directors Sandeep Mehta, Sanjay Mehta, Asim Ansari, UK Samal, Laxman Dholi and marketing chairman JV Cherian, he said. He added that it was a routine raid, at 56 places, wherein raids were conducted at the residences of the state governments health department officials, 11 jeweler merchants, 14 builders and 12 sweetmeat shop owners. He asked, Whats the recovery of Rs 90 lakhs from 56 places? While he accepted that his brothers residence was raided, he denied his involvement with his brothers business. Hridesh stressed that the I-T raid at Raj group is a fallout of bitter media war, wherein the Dainik Bhaskar group and Rajasthan Patrika, rivals of Raj Express, are making mountains out of mole hill. Secondly, it is politically motivated. Sources, however, feel that there is more than meets the eye. Abhilash Khandekar, the MP head of the Bhaskar group at Bhopal said, The I-T raid has nothing to do with the media war. Its a routine I-T department action, which keeps taking place all over the country wherever the I-T department gets a lead about flush money. Sources said that Moghe would address a press conference, on Monday (June 2). Arun Sehlot, the CMD of Raj group, in a telephonic interview stated that he was amazed at the baseless lies that is being spread against him and his group. He asked how can any recovery be made during the raid. The I-T officials seized papers and documents. The recovery amount, if any, would be .puted. All this might take six months. He added that the chief .missioner of I-T, MK Moghe raided his residence because of vengeance. About two months back, my group had exposed a corrupt assessing official PK Gupta. He had raided a business house at Indore and was caught taking bribe of Rs 9 lakh. Our media house questioned the motive of the I-T raids. Ever since then, Moghe was calling for the records of all my vendors. My CA told me to be careful. On his advise, I dropped the story. But, Moghe was angry and therefore the raid. About I-T departments fudging the raid, Hridesh Dixit said, As an editor of the Raj group. I knew of the raid a day before. It was politically motivated. The I-T officials will was much lower in this raid. Sehlot added, I knew of an impending I-T raid some two months back. This was the third I-T raid in my place. We are not fools that we would not understand (bekuf nahin ki hamey samaj nahi aye). He asked that if it was not motivated because of vengeance or political vendetta, why did Moghe give a statement to the media denying both the motives? In reply to a query that he had called his TV crew at 5am to shoot the I-T raid, Sehlot clarified that this is a while lie. He added that he had told the I-T sleuths that he would like to have the entire proceedings of the raid to be recorded, so that there is no problem later. Some TV crews were waiting outside for a while. The raid was on between 8.30am and 3am (the following night). "It my right to ask for recording. Just, as its my right to physically search the raid team and ensure that they dont plant certain things and frame me. I know all this as this is the third raid in my place." Clarifying about the diary, which reportedly named two former CMs of having received Rs 25 lakh each (as pointed out by sources), Sehlot said that the I-T officials had recovred an old planner of 2002, which had mentioned some petty expenses and meetings with some people. "No diary was recovered. A local newspaper that published baseless lies would receive notice from my lawyers," he stressed. Is it scam or political vendetta? The truth is yet to be unearthed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: