Hearthstone legend the old theme this week all Robot Wars — Sina hearthstone legend area-vy canis majoris

Hearthstone legend: the old theme this week all Robot Wars — Sina hearthstone legend hearthstone area this week scuffle, robot wars, Robot Wars this time last year. This week you will become a random melee or Bang (the bomb bomb robot to take Dr.). This year’s card group is the same as last year, the two heroes are given a 30 card, and each group with only one brand name. This week, although do not have their own group scuffle card, but want to do the task through the melee game player only come to play a ladder or arena. The following information is noisy robot two hero (hero skills: give you attack the lowest servant Holy Shield and taunt) noisy robot 1 blessing 1 spring 1 dwarf PW: Yao 1 Mini battle mech 1 reinforcement 1 electroplating machinery bear 1 shields robot 1 small ray Engineer 1 automatic vortex percussion device 1 aircraft 1 steel monk 1 Diamond ibiki Beast 1 1 infantry tank 1 craftsmen Gnomeregan spider town technician 1 master gear wrench 1 gear light hammer 1 King escort 1 Tinker knife Oil 1 robot 1 cobalt 1 guards for strengthening treatment of old robot 1 clockwork Knight 1 Holy Nova 1 ogre Ninja 1 Brinton 3000 1 1 1 advanced repair robot recovery mechanical Beast 1 gahz’rilla 1 assault tank 1 Thermaplugg noisy hero skills, I feel quite fierce, if one day there is such a hero will not open out. When you are making robot, you must remember to correctly grasp the skills you use time, can you get the opportunity to shield in the entourage exchange. A late, so early so you can work fast and feasible, down curve to get the scene advantage. You can also make mockery to attract fire to protect your high attack after using other skills, opponents have cleared more than you, so don’t take it easy with the best wave of bomb (hero skills: 1 damage to 2 random enemy). Our lovely balls, hero skills than a weak, but your card is also good. There are many warshout followers, and can cooperate with the brewmaster. But the bomb is still uncontrollable. Your purpose is to drag in the late clearance spell is essential, we must make full use of, be careful the opponent’s oil knife beheaded, another Bang after playing opponent really what good way to solution. Bang Bang bomb   1 gun Knight 1 shadow bomber garkisen 1 Crazy bomber 1 dark bomb 1 1 Mechanical transition explosive sheep 1 crack 1 automatic blow vortex flame bombardment device 1 young brewmaster 1 ejection of blade 1 siege vehicles 1 Goblin Sappers 1 wheat.相关的主题文章: