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Hebei an illegal processing dens explosion caused 5 deaths and two people were responsible for controlling the Sohu news leading to the explosion factory intersection has been under martial law. Wang Tianyi, photo 9, September, Hebei, Jinzhou, Propaganda Department official micro-blog today informed the Jinzhou City, 9, explosion disposal progress. Informed that, in September 8th 11 pm, Jinzhou City East Town Orchard a deep processing dens of illegal explosion caused 5 deaths and 1 people injured no danger, 1 people lost contact. At present, processing dens responsible person Zhang Chaoyi, Wang Haitao has been controlled, the capital account, the property has been frozen. Cause of the accident is under further investigation. The official said, after the incident, Jinzhou municipal government leaders and relevant departments of the township, who rushed to the scene, immediately launched the emergency plan, set up by the municipal Party Secretary, political commissar of the mayor of command and emergency rescue command long, by the municipal leaders led respectively responsible for the wounded, on-site disposal, rehabilitation, will rescue personnel in the first place, has mobilized 155 policemen and firefighters, to carry out on-site rescue; health departments and medical resources, to treat the wounded; the first time to hire 4 dangerous rescue experts to provide technical support, to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters. The circular pointed out that, in late September 8th 10, Jinzhou city held by the municipal Party members of the team, the township party secretary, Township Mayor, members of the unit leaders to participate in the special meeting, to further refine the medical assistance, rehabilitation disposal, comprehensive coordination and other 7 small group leadership responsibilities, put forward to the profound lessons, by analogy, focus on three aspects: one is to carry out night investigation, "to cure". The township, the relevant departments of carpet combing investigation of enterprises in the city, where the illegal enterprises in accordance with the "two three" standard will be banned, formalities, security risks are not completely eliminated, suspend production for rectification. Two is to do the aftermath. Do on-site disposal plan, to prevent secondary disasters. Continue to treat the wounded, to the families of pension relief work. On the site of the surrounding enterprises and the masses of property losses for statistical assessment, compensation. Three is to further establish and improve the safety inspection and supervision system, improve safety production incentives, constraints, assessment mechanism, and resolutely eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers in the bud.相关的主题文章: