Help the right man ran north! Adorable girl Liao Han in this

Help the right man ran north! Adorable girl Liao Han collection in this North horse weapon September 17th, the 2016 Beijing marathon will be run, before the game, what an adorable girl I do not know how to run the right horses in the north of the boys, and posted on the Internet for help, then get a lot of users weapon. Recently, a girl on the Internet made a post for help, she wrote: like boys for a long time to participate in the North horse next week, and I want to do something for him, but no experience, ask everyone to give advice… The post is issued, users have the weapon. Now let’s look at the user’s reply. The small monster after return to professional issues before preparing goods, don’t forget the self black look, wrote: "the last sentence, why do I have such experience, well, this is a marathon run more than and 20 old driver, every time he can expect to be treated like that……" Netizen Wu Yuan in answer, also want to let the girl also help yourself, "look at me so fully understand woman’s sake, can you wait for a while in the 33-35 km, I went there should be around 11:30, that time could enjoy the drink slobber? If you have a half banana. My number is… "He said." give him a slipper!!! I finished last year too upset North horse uncomfortable ah just walking barefoot, he must give him slippers will appreciate you a full! Another: with slippers you can also know by the way that this is a taste of a man..! After watching funny slightly above reply, Xiaobian can sum up all the dry cargo. The same applies to the relatives and friends to the North horse. Before the game he is ready for your sticker, or paste, Vaseline, sunscreen, gels. Responsible for the morning call, cooked porridge. Remember to hug. Match in 33-35 kilometers waiting for him, because this place has no official supplies, is also the general running friends want to "hit the wall". Here, for him to prepare water, bananas, energy bars, wet towels, etc., after a brief meeting, remember to shout "refueling"! After a period of running away after the game to help him through the most difficult, you need to wait for the end point, the end point and shoot moments threw arches for him, and help him, help him massage stretch, take a photo with him. Leave if he was hungry, two people can find a quiet restaurant nearby for lunch, enjoy two of the world, if he is not hungry, two people can take a taxi back, or feel the Beijing subway.相关的主题文章: