Henan next week, the minimum temperature of 2 degrees before the continuous rainy days in the provin-stand by me shinee

Henan next week, the lowest temperature 2 degrees before the province’s continuous rainy day reporter from the provincial meteorological observatory was informed that the next week, the province will continue to rain weather, local minimum temperature of up to 2 degrees C (). We should pay attention to add clothes to keep warm. According to the provincial meteorological station forecast, in the interaction of typhoon easterly flow, cold air, high altitude southwest airflow, next week I, weeks earlier than normal precipitation was more obvious, on Friday (28 days) before the province will maintain a continuous overcast and rainy weather. In addition, the influence of cold air forces in the province increased significantly compared with the previous period, the overall temperature showed a downward trend. Zhou Pingjun temperature is expected to be lower than the same period throughout the year. Zhou Pingjun temperature: the western mountains, North 10 degrees C to 11 degrees C, other regions of 12 degrees C ~ 13 C. Extremely low temperatures in the week: 2 degrees C to C / C in the north and west of the mountains, and other areas in the range of 4 DEG C to about 6 DEG C. Next week, the main weather process: Monday to Tuesday (24 to 25), the province’s cloudy and rainy weather. Wednesday to Friday (26 to 28), the province cloudy with small to moderate rain, the Yellow River to which parts of the South with heavy rain. Friday night to Saturday (28 to 29 at night), affected by the strong cold air, the province has 4 to 5 northerly wind, the temperature decreased, which on Sunday (30 days) at the lowest temperature is low, most parts of North Central will appear early frost weather. (Henan daily WeChat public number) loading…相关的主题文章: