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Henan to strengthen the safety education of students to be present in Police – Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency in February 13, Henan Province recently released "on Further Strengthening the comprehensive safety education work opinions", perfect campus peak service and "nursing school" mechanism, increase patrol force, to do in school or time "to see the police see the lights, see the police car". In addition, learning time of "police, police, police lights", Henan also requires the timely disposal of security incidents occurred in the campus; campus surrounding a comprehensive inventory of Internet cafes, pornography and other security mess; strictly campus surrounding commercial outlets, stalls management; strengthen the school surrounding chemical plants, gas production units and facilities of inflammable and explosive station, filling stations and gas pipeline network management and control, and gradually transfer. The comprehensive safety work to strengthen the education documents presented, schools at all levels to establish safety management agencies, security personnel equipped with part-time employment rules, number of full-time guards and security guards; the school gate and fence, teaching building, student dormitory main entrance and other key parts and personnel gathering places to install video image acquisition device, a school janitor the duty room to set up a type of emergency alarm devices and networking with local alarm center. In addition, Henan province also urged all localities to ensure the safety education courses each year not less than 12 hours per month, primary and secondary schools to carry out at least once emergency evacuation drills, the kindergarten every quarter to carry out at least once the emergency evacuation drill.

河南加强教育安全 学生上下学民警须在场-搜狐新闻  据新华社2月13日电河南省日前公布《关于进一步加强教育综合安全工作的意见》,要求完善校园高峰勤务和“护学岗”机制,增加巡逻力量,切实做到在上、下学时段“见警察、见警车、见警灯”。  除了上、下学时段“见警察、见警车、见警灯”外,河南还要求及时处置发生在校园内外的治安事件;全面清查校园周边黑网吧、“黄赌毒”等治安乱点;严格校园周边商业网点、摊点管理;强化对学校周边化工厂、加油站、加气站及油气输送管道管网等易燃易爆生产单位及设施的管控,并逐步迁移。  这份加强教育综合安全工作的文件提出,各级各类学校建立安全管理机构,配备专兼职安保人员,聘用规定数量的专职门卫和保安员;学校大门、围墙、教学楼、学生宿舍楼主要出入口等重点部位和人员聚集场所要安装视频图像采集装置,学校门卫值班室要设置一键式紧急报警装置并与属地接警中心联网。  此外,河南省还要求各地确保安全教育课程每学年不少于12个课时,中小学校每月至少要开展一次应急疏散演练,幼儿园每季度至少要开展一次应急疏散演练。相关的主题文章: