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Henan will build 10 national vocational college employment rate to over 90% in November 7th, the Education Department of Henan Province issued the "Henan implementation plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), on the future of higher occupation education requires all parties. How to expand the construction of high quality education resources? To enhance the construction of professional construction level about 200 national backbone professional, significantly enhance the level of training talents, the construction of 100 with teaching, production, training and identification functions, produce and research the distinctive characteristics of the comprehensive training base. To carry out the construction of high-quality schools in 2018, the selection of the creation of 10 national high quality vocational colleges, the construction of the 20 provincial high-quality vocational colleges. Focus on strengthening the teachers team construction and construction of 20 "Double Teachers" training base, to explore the training methods for enterprise education + training "; the establishment of teacher professional teachers rotation system, the implementation of enterprise practice regulations, 2018," Double Teachers "in Higher Vocational Colleges (both teacher qualification and occupation titles) teachers accounted for the proportion of more than 70% professional teachers. To promote the application of information technology to conform to the trend of "Internet plus", promoting the construction of information infrastructure of higher occupation colleges; development and application of higher occupation education of high quality digital micro courses, virtual simulation training system of teaching resources actively promote the promotion of information technology and teaching of the depth of integration; 5 key construction occupation ability training simulation center 10, the provincial teaching resources of higher occupation education professional library and 50 online boutique open courses. Promote the occupation education group exploration of higher occupation education scale, the collectivization of the school road, carry out diversified investment in accordance with the law construction and occupation education group reform, encourage, guide and standardize the backbone of higher occupation education group construction, innovation points conversion group internal management mode based on teaching; higher occupation colleges support two all the characteristics to the output of the brand, resources and management way to set up a chain of occupation education occupation education group and the group; encourage multinational companies and overseas educational institutions to carry out cooperation. How to enhance the vitality of colleges and universities? To promote the reform of the enrollment system to actively promote the reform of the enrollment system, the implementation of the cultural quality + professional skills evaluation method, the classification of examination and enrollment has become the main channel of Higher Vocational College enrollment. To explore the mixed ownership school in our province to fully implement the "three a grasp of a construction of" occupation education reform ideas, namely closed mode, and vigorously promote the school enterprise cooperation; reform single government investment mode, actively establish multiple investment running mechanism; reform of higher occupation college management system and mechanism. Implement the autonomy of running a school of higher occupation colleges set up and support the school teaching and research staff of administrative internal organization with autonomous determination, support University oriented society according to the law of independent scientific research and teaching administration of open recruitment and other staff, hiring independent staff, independently determine the internal income distribution. Through three years of construction, by 2018, the overall strength of Higher Vocational Education in our province will be significantly enhanced, the quality of personnel training will continue to improve. By then, the students to obtain "double certificate" (graduation certificate, vocational qualification certificate) rate will reach more than 90%; the employment rate of graduates will be guaranteed;相关的主题文章: