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"Hero alliance" fist please Dailian $ten thousand from the president of charity – Sina hero alliance zone esportsheaven website the day before yesterday (September 16th) evening broke a heavy news, they promote the league game developers and game player who fist lack of communication, especially the CEO tryndamere, they have the exact evidence pointed out: Tai Damir 2012 had to share with others their own account, which will lead to his twitter was hacked, and shared tryndamere account is the former Curse team bench player Only Jaximus. Although it sounds unbelievable, President of a game company have authority to adjust their game account in the background data, but tryndamere did not choose to do so, he will own the game account to the Jaximus, which helped him get a lot of qualifying points in the S2 season. This is an incredible thing, after a lapse of four years after the break again, people have to question the public relations crisis Damir. The site broke the news, they show the former League game player behavior in charge of Lyte mail correspondence, confirmed that this is not It is sheer fiction.. Tryndamere and Jaximus two to establish a solid relationship, they often play together, the most embarrassing is tryndamere also love on twitter posting their qualifying points of impact dynamics, and we cannot determine how many of them are playing himself. But soon after the Jaximus claimed that they do not do things in training, it is gradually covered. For years prior to committing the scandal, tryndamere immediately responded on twitter, he did not deny the leveling issue, said "in 2012 due to a shared account, we really don’t think it is very cool, so I will therefore to own a fine of ten thousand dollars, all donated to charity in North America City Year LA." It seems that in the world of heroes Union, the rules and regulations to comply with everyone, even the president of the game, but also for their own words and deeds.   From: Star Jing Jie sina.com.cn Sina said in a statement posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: