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High and low profile in the charity of the road – Yunnan Channel – People’s original title: high and low profile in the way of charity is almost at the same time, charity in China and the United States, have taken place in a major event. In the United States, Facebook founder Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife promised that the next 10 years at least $3 billion donation for medical research; in Chinese, "China top philanthropist" the reputation of Chen Guangbiao in a variety of questions, including the amount of stamp certificate, fake charity. This is a very interesting two celebrities, involving very interesting aspects of the two. One aspect is the attitude of charity. Chen Guangbiao was famous for his high-profile love notes before doing good in the mountains, in addition to the disaster area, he is also the first time to the disaster relief in Japan, specially to New York to help the homeless. He did not miss any opportunity to be a charitable headlines, such as the very unusual poured a bucket of water ice bucket challenge, he became the world’s first play ice bucket sitting. Although the post was disclosed, in fact he is squatting ice bucket, it is quite warm, he just made a gimmick. Relatively speaking, Zuckerberg is not too harsh rhetoric, this time donated $3 billion. Last year, the couple announced that it will be about 40000000000 of the $99% in wealth for charity. Of course, there are more low-key american philanthropist, such as Warren Buffett, he promised tens of billions of dollars of wealth to charity, not to set up their own charitable foundation, but also not conducive to the couple, Gates foundation. In his words, the foundation operates more professionally. Of course, the charity is high or low, Different people, different views. Low-key charity is a reflection of the donor’s mentality, and a charitable atmosphere, at least in a foreign country, directly to a stack of bills sent to recipients, many people may not be able to accept, it may not be considered charity. Conversely, in some places, perhaps can also promote the high-profile charity, in a good faith is not too good, it is widely suspected of money to the environment, P2P (people to people) the charity is not reasonable, of course, the premise is the donor itself is sufficient integrity. The two unrelated charity event and a phase point, that is medical. Chen Guangbiao recent high-profile comeback, claiming three months lost weight of more than and 50 pounds, the secret is a certain weight loss products. Just then the media disclosed that he had to lean into a lightning ", not a weight loss efficacy of the product, but cut the stomach to lose weight", and then showed the documents. Of course, Chen Guangbiao denied, and claims to initiate proceedings. In the United States there, the Zuckerberg donated $3 billion, is earmarked for cure or prevention and control of diseases. Mrs. Zuckerberg said, "we want to significantly improve Max (their daughter) all the people of this generation in the circumstances, to ensure that no leakage of any people, we will invest to treat the disease for the purpose of basic scientific research". The huge investment in the medical field, is a lot of rich tradition of philanthropy, such as the Gates foundation, the largest funds will be used in the prevention and treatment of malaria, AIDS and other chronic disease. Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life相关的主题文章: