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Holiday weather fresh   during the national day temperatures in most areas of the country — Sichuan — suitable for out of channel original title: Holiday weather fresh out hope stars hope the moon suitable temperatures in most areas of the country during the national day, finally looked forward to the National Day holiday. Today, it’s Friday, it’s a different Friday, just a few hours, the holidays are coming, and it’s a week’s vacation. Travel, you are love or enjoy an invigorating autumn climate warm sunshine? In September 29th, a holiday weather freshly baked, quickly look at, there is always a place for you. While you may tour the province three days after rainfall and warm sunshine to cool down, the wind blowing, listening to the song, driving a car, wandering in the scenery. Think about it, the national day to travel in the province is pretty good. Smoothly can not be guaranteed, but the sun, the wind, at least in the first few days, can still be there. On October 1st -4, due to the control of continental high, most of the province weather is cloudy or sunny, but from the beginning of 5, the upper trough and cold air coming in trouble, two of them in a partnership, God did not look good, the rain began to debut, cooling ensued. Want to drive in the province of small partners, do not hesitate, please hurry on the road, as early as early back. 5 at the beginning of rainfall, mainly concentrated in the western basin, southwest and North, northwest, with showers or thunderstorms, air is relatively large, unlike the previous "Huaxi autumn rain" as touching. During the national day, in addition to the first three days, the Western Sichuan Plateau is also contracted by the rain, you want to go to Jiuzhaigou, the completion of the ditch and other small partners, please think twice. At the same time, in Pingba Valley, there will be fog to chaos, drove to the area of the drivers, can pay special attention to oh. A few days ago, as if the night between Chengdu and return to the summer, a sudden heat to 30 degrees, short sleeved shorts has been turned out. Let them in the "fly" for a period of time, the National Day period, the temperature continues to rise, the highest temperature in Chengdu is 3 words at the beginning, but the rain and temperatures immediately defeat, 4 to 7 days, the temperature has dropped by 5 to 7 DEG C. The northern temperature is a little low, the southern sun is very enthusiastic for the whole 7 days of vacation, can go out of Sichuan. Good news: during the National Day holiday this year, the country does not have a wide range of heavy rainfall process. In October, the North has looked strong. In September 28th, Inner Mongolia has been cold to the point where many of the dripping water freezes "snow, frost appeared in parts of Baotou, Hulun Buir and other places, the most cold is Genhe City Town, only the lowest temperature of -11.7 DEG C. During the National Day holiday, cold air in the north some unscrupulous. In October, 3-5 and 6-7, the north will be the two large range of cooling and precipitation, and accompanied by 4-6 wind, cool 4-8 up to 10 DEG C, the bureau. To go to Beijing, Inner Mongolia and other northern cities to visit a small partner, remember to bring a coat, do not freeze a cold. According to the forecast issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory on September 29th相关的主题文章: