Hollywood blockbuster bloody war hacksaw Ling in December 8th lunar new year stalls release (video)-aquaria

Hollywood blockbuster "bloody war hacksaw Ling" in December 8th lunar new year stalls on > > > in the movie "blood" hacksaw ridge free rush tickets channel time: November 24th at 1:30 in the afternoon location: Huachen Washington shop number: 20 benefits: two per person "Daliaohe viewing group is a large Liaoning entertainment service users. Link, studios and fans of the film side column (QQ group number: 370136869). Participate in the activities of the users need to cooperate with the organizers released reviews, in Daliaohe Entertainment Forum workshop, can also be the sharing circle of friends, the content need not be literarily, but it must be the original expression of the most authentic, and you return to the Daliaohe film screenshots viewing group QQ group, Excel users we will recommend the best in the star will meet activities. Men dressed as a tyrannosaurus teasing water crocodile almost bite! Won the "brave heart" won the five Oscar awards genius director Mel · Gibson, will bring the latest blockbuster "bloody war hacksaw Ling" landing in theaters nationwide on December 8th, and the exposure of "lone rescue" posters and new stills today. The film took the lead after the release of IMDb in North America, with 8.7 of the high score lead the annual film reputation. This is the media called "so far the most fun war film" for the audience, will restore the most shocking and most violent, most real world war ii. "Don’t miss" genius director master road is one of the latest exposure of "lone rescue" poster, "Spider Man" Andrew · Garfield bare-handed, alone into the fire, desperate rescue comrades, awesome. The same as the war theme is Ang Lee’s fiery release, two masters cooked meal have been top war bombing the big screen, so many fans for fever. Ang Lee in a movie camera technology revolution Xianshengduoren, the protagonist of "pale and frightened face" and "you can see every detail" to attract many people to stop, but the hitherto unknown viewing experience will eventually show the difference between different formats. Turning to the film itself, although the story of controversy, but the people of the Ang Lee style of expression is still a delicate technique. In contrast, the great return guidelines known as "Miss Mei director" said with enthusiasm and passion but its declaration. Mel · Gibson ink in reducing violence and cruel war, "in a very realistic way of showing the United States in recent years, in the movie the best and most powerful", "cruel long enough fierce battle scenes. Two talented director, an artificial Western wild, an oriental uphold the introverted, are trying to pursue the war through the images of the real masters of the road, the same. Garfield "God Legends" deduction "war hero bloody hacksaw Ling" in World War II Pacific Japan’s worst "iron rain" of war – Battle of Okinawa as the background, adapted from the American medic David Meyer · based on the conscience to Dawes gun array, alone save 75 comrades life real historical events. As shown in the poster, Andrew · Garfield will become a real American hero, Duan Weida said that the big screen.相关的主题文章: