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Home-and-Family If you’re just moving in, or maybe it’s time for your old style to move out, home decor ideas are a great way to give your home some pizzazz. Read on to incorporate home decor gifts into your apartment. 1. Paint: The cheapest and easiest way to make a room look brand new, paint can add color and life. Choose a bright color if it’s in a kitchen or bedroom, and if it’s a room where you do a lot of work that isn’t too small, darker colors are fine. 2. Walls: If you don’t want to paint there are other home decor ideas that can make a room look nicer. Hanging fabric on the walls, like tapestries if you’re on a budget, or Persian carpets if you’re not, can really help enhance the mood of a room. Frames, though expensive, really make the home look professionally decorated. A lithograph or original piece of art is a good idea for home decor gifts. 3. Windows: Along with the above home decor ideas about texture, great curtains are multifunctional in preventing unwanted sunlight and adding feeling. 4. Rugs: A carpet isn’t expensive and will immediately help your home feel cozier. 5. Lighting: Chinese lanterns are ever popular, and very friendly to your budget. Clip on lights can hang on bookshelves and make great reading lamps. Switch plates can add a personal touch to a room, and a larger soft light that fits in a corner is a great investment. 6. Plants: Cacti, spider plants, or "lucky bamboo" are all great indoor plant options they require little maintenance and will purify your air and your mood. Put fresh flowers in a decorative vase, or colorful fruit in a bowl on the kitchen table as another great way to add some personality to your crib. 7. Mirrors: Create more visual space with a mirror by hanging it on a wall or behind a lamp. You will also be able to see how you look before you go out if you hang a full body mirror you’re your entrance doorway. Keep clutter to a minimum. Storage space should be utilized if you want your apartment to look bigger. And no matter how shabbily decorated, if your apartment of home is kept clean, it will look better than if you live in a dirty home that was professionally decorate by a home decor store. Most often the details enhance the attractiveness of a home. Home decor ideas can be found simply by shopping around for home decor online or at a home decor store. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: