Hong Kong via old driver license to teach you easily.-rainlendar

Hong Kong via old driver license to teach you easily. Since after the implementation of the new rules, driving two test subjects into the five compulsory, and five compulsory project must go, if unqualified, will need to re test all subjects, exam difficulty. Is it a blue letinous edodes?! As everyone knows, the two subjects are driving novices learning difficult starting point, many students see two subjects have a sense of fear. Since the examination is more difficult, how to pass the two test subjects? Don’t worry about learning subjects two exam skills, well versed in Hong Kong coach we designed a set of catchy rhymes! Don’t underestimate this formula, it is different from the same online exam skills, not only than the method of text elaboration is simple, and easy to remember than the graphic form. I believe it will be more suitable for you to learn the subject two! Hong Kong via driving according to the data analysis, in the five test, the entry points from high to low ranking: turn, curve road, side parking ramp, designated parking and starting and reversing storage. And listen to the old driver for everyone! Turn: the tire contact line into the first 1 points, turn into a "failure" was judged to be the highest. Each corner vehicles are required to play the full direction by one-time, in turn for a moment, head and tail of the train is just in the traffic space, the nearest distance is only 10 cm line. 2, turn right turn formulas do not panic, do not stop not line; vehicles entering the right angle, to control the speed of the vehicle on the left; the left sewing press line, close to the front line to the right front; play the steering wheel, the front direction return; straighten the body out of the corner, make sure you had closed test. Curve: students "fold in the last 1 corners," because of the narrow lane, students need to breath through the driving test vehicle, vehicle speed must be stable, not halfway flameout, do not touch the line. 2, turn to curve formula, a block start without blocking; vehicles entering the examination room, traveling as far as possible by the outside; the hood once blocked, rush to the left steering; when the front direction is put back to the alignment export car. Side direction of the parking: candidates back to the rudder prematurely lead to line 1, the subject was sentenced to failure for most of the body into the line". With the inverted database problem is similar, difficult candidates need to face is not a benchmark for identifying the alignment, distance, and can not stop in the process, candidates must "abandon" the car into a lateral berth. 2, side side parking parking formula to slow down the direction of faster is the key; observe the left and right rearview mirror, saw the front stop; hang up reverse horn, call the right light storage; reversing speed smoothly, the body can not qualify; stop unqualified, standard heart. Designated parking ramp and initial slip after 30 cm is unqualified 1, the ramp site, test vehicles entered the linear ramp, the car parked in front of the location of point up front, and right must reference benchmark flat, then the car off ramp in 30 seconds set. 2, designated parking ramp and starting formula please hit the right turn signal, right after the observation!相关的主题文章: