How Do We Adapt

Marriage-Wedding In todays fast paced world a business executive is forced to be wired, in fact totally connected. Im not kidding! SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, emails, you name it! And lets not forget good old phone calls that crave your attention. Imagine being an F&B manager and taking on the responsibility to satisfy and win the loyalty of rapidly growing, fast moving no-nonsense customers. These target groups of customers present a challenge and a huge opportunity to excel in show casing your ability to adapt. Let us take a simple scenario. You have a great breakfast offering: Business executives can get healthy, satisfying morning calories and caffeine needed to get them going for the day. They might be on their phones or laptops, getting ready for the big morning presentation to close a deal, while simultaneously scarfing down a croissant, the only evidence being a trail of buttery fingerprints on the screens of their devices. On the way out, lets say you get a .plement, Nice coffee! And then you are asked if there is a way to take a cup of coffee to go or if there is a Starbucks nearby. Imagine you are able to go the extra step and offer a cup; instead of your guest having to rush to a nearby coffee shop. Its a simple motion, but you are taking to step to win the loyalty of your guest. Your gesture of good-will will surely be remembered. Small things are of huge significance, so its important to adapt to the demanding lifestyle of your guests and customize your services to suit their needs. High quality F&B offering requires lot of hard work and investment; going the extra mile in adapting to the needs of your guests will ensure ROI, and most importantly, results in loyal customers. No matter how big or small, from a corner coffee shop to a fine dining restaurant, going the extra mile will always make a difference. This surplus in adapting to your guests needs will keep your business profitable. This is truer when hosting groups; for example corporate lunches, business meetings, conferences and private events like Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Wedding receptions and so on. When you are hosting groups; you have more than one guest to satisfy and impress; which will bring more such groups to your establishment by word of mouth and referrals. Getting a reputation as home away from home, will be such a blessing, especially from road warriors who spend so much time travelling. Few more tips on how to go the Extra Mile: Making sure your dining area is very hygienic Having very ambiance Your cutlery is clean and good quality Your water is clean and no unwanted odor in your glasses Your staff are well dressed and well trained Special training in hospitality is a must Have quick and healthy meal options Have quick to go meal or beverage options And many more one can think off, based on your type of restaurant, cuisine and even based on where you are located. Here are some useful links for some of the best Banquet Halls Banquet Halls in Bangalore Banquet Halls in Pune Banquet Halls in New DelhiBanquet Halls in Kolkata Banquet Halls in HyderabadBanquet Halls in Mumbai Banquet Halls in Chennai Banquet Halls in Ahmedabad About the Author: 相关的主题文章: