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Fashion-Style There already is a lot of literature on what is online shopping, what all can you buy online and various sites that offer online shopping. So, this write-up wont talk about that, but the profits of e-shopping. The mere idea of being able to browse through myriad brands, expansive products and variety sitting in the .fort of your homes, all under one roof gives you goose bumps. Additionally, the simplicity of placing orders on heavy discounts and special festive offers have fundamentally worked for manifold increase in popularity of online shopping in India. However, no matter how many facilities and features web offers, there is no denying the restrictions it has. Customer cannot touch and feel the product, check and scan carefully of any possible damages, size and fit and color. So what will you do if the product doesn’t fit you properly or you dont like the fabric of the cloth? Just crib thinking that your money went into drain? Well, sensing the many inhibitions users have regarding web purchasing, all leading websites have in place services like try-n-buy, exchange and return policies etc. Digital space has be.e more user-friendly where every possible is being worked on to give users a lifetime experience. If you look at the T&C of any leading shopping portal w=you will see hassle free quick return/exchange policies for customers. Mostly the sites offer reverse pick-up of product, yet in the ones who dont they reimburse the courier charges in the form of coupons or shopping vouchers. Mostly the exchange/return policy lasts for duration of 30 days though varies from website to website. Product return/exchange policy- Overview Lets take an example to understand things better. Assume that you bought a lehenga saree from any reputed e-shopping web gateway. However, upon receiving the order you notice that the quality of the fabric is not up to the mark or it doesnt fit, you can easily order for an exchange/return of the product. So, there is no need to worry of money waste, nor do you need to worry about long waiting days as the process of exchange is easy and quick. Apart from that, one can also demand 100% cash back on the item you would return. Please note that the exchange time duration might vary from a week to a month. How It Works? As mentioned above, the terms and policies vary from site to site, yet the basic model remains largely universal. The process is pretty simple. To claim exchange/return, product must be in an unused condition with the seal and packaging intact. Once you identify the damage, get in touch with the customer support of the website or contact via their e-mail id. Do that without delay as the claim period is always fixed to a certain number of days. Let us take another example to understand the concept better. In the event that you buy sarees online and you notice that the product is different from what you had ordered, you should immediately call the customer care centre or drop a mail on the websites id asking for exchange/return. Do specify your order number while registering the .plaint so that the order details can be tracked easily. Things to remember No matter how fancy or promising a new site looks, invest your money in shopping with a site of repute. They have a separate cell for addressing return and all such requests. Henceforth you won’t face postponements or different issues. Additionally, before you venture out to shop, read the exchange policies very carefully and if anything seems diceyor not convincing, try some other site! Easy and hassle free exchange policies offered by e-shopping sites today make sure that customers can have a merry time shopping on the web without any inhibitions. So regardless of whether you buy lehenga saree online or any other product, keep these tips in mind while placing your order. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: