How To Find Happiness – 5 Simple Secrets You Can Learn From Your Children-masa-c

Self-Improvement If you are searching for the key to unlocking happiness in your life then you need to look no further than your own kids. Here are five secrets to being happy that you can learn from your kids: never take things for granted, be curious, spontaneous laughter, forgive and forget and believe that anything is possible. Read on to learn how these simple things can lighten your mood and make you a happier person. 1. Never take things for granted As we grow older we begin to take life for granted and stop appreciating the simple things. Take your kids on an outing and spend the time seeing the world through their eyes. See them squeal in pure delight at the simplest things like the neighbour’s cat or a field full of cows and let that awe and sense of wonder rub off on you. 2. Be curious As adults we be.e caught up in our own views and beliefs and sometimes we stop to consider the alternatives. Your children on the other hand are open to new ideas and curious to learn new things. Spend some time thinking about the one thing that you have always dreamed of doing and then go and learn how to do it. Whether you want to write a novel or learn how to climb a mountain go off and explore that dream. 3. Spontaneous laughter Have you ever watched your children break out in giggles for no apparent reason? Do you remember how infectious that spontaneous laughter is? Take some time to remember how to laugh, go outside and dance in the rain, or crack open the paint set and engage in some hand painting. Remind yourself how to laugh and you’ll feel happier in an instant. 4. F.ive and Bearing a grudge is enough to make anyone miserable. Take a leaf out of your child’s book and just f.ive and You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and can put the mental energy into something positive instead. 5. Believe that anything is possible Do you remember when you believed in magic and fairies and Santa Claus? In those days anything was possible and you didn’t limit yourself in your dreams. While it is probably too late now to fulfill your childhood dream of walking in space it is not too late to believe that you have what it takes to ask your boss for a pay rise or to apply for, and get, that promotion. And there you have it; five secrets of happiness that you can learn from your children; see the world through their eyes and you will be reminded to never take things for granted and to always keep your mind open to new concepts. Learn how to laugh spontaneously again and do it everyday. Stop wasting your precious time and energy on grudges and always believe that anything is possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: