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UnCategorized When you have bad man boobs, and I mean bad, you will accept any help you can get. You wonder if there are any exercises that can help. Maybe there is some muscular training that is particularly effective? You feel like screaming "what can I do?" Well, you may be surprised to know that supplements wouldn’t help you with this problem anyway. So you want to know how to lose man-boobs, and you want to do it naturally through the use of exercises and diet, without the use of supplements or other manufactured stimulants. Here are the Top 6 suggestions: Try to take lots of cardio exercises (30-60 minutes of medium intensity, 3-5 days per week) and this will help reduce body fat. Also chest exercises will help tighten up the muscles in the affected areas. Try doing simple push ups at home if you want, there are many variations that you can do to make them more interesting. At the gym [or if you have your own equipment] try dumbbell presses, and chest flyes. Also, get advice from experienced weightlifters there – they can show you more exercises that really work you hard. Remember, it’s all fat that makes up your "man boobs". You can jog! Running is a good way to exercise and to lose weight, and can show results quite quickly. Watch your diet. Stay away from high and simple carbs and sugars, eat .plex carbohydrates only. No saturated fats or fried foods and keep to natural foods and veggies as much as possible. Eat lots of fruit and drink loads of water – they both clean out the body and help make you healthy. Your body is approximately 75% water anyway, and this is being lost constantly, and needs to be replaced. When you are more healthy in general, you will see that many disorders like excessive body fat will sort themselves out. Here’s one trick I learned from Chinese medicine to help control blood circulation and hence fat distribution. It’s real easy to do and totally inexpensive: Each morning, first thing, take a glass of warm water with one spoon of honey and a pinch of "cayenne" hot red pepper, stir and drink, don’t eat straight away. When I first did this, I lost 14 Kg of waste from my gut, and felt stronger and healthier too. There was no loss of physical strength either. The hotter the pepper, the better. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: