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News-and-Society Poverty solutions using a variety of approaches have been in practice for years together. Unfortunately, most of these have shown only mixed results. While the global middle class is still in the process of growing, a large number of developing nations such as India have made impressive progress. Yet, there is a lot more that needs to be done. Governments and NGOs alone will not be able to solve the problem of poverty. It is thus, that the past few years have witnessed an upward swing in the number of businesses that synergize with non-profits to fight one of the worlds most important challenges. With an increase in CSR activities and market based solutions, results are showing as the poor are given a stake as against handouts in local resources, environment and economy. If your business is looking to work with local governments, NGOs and directly with the poorest citizens of India, here are a few ways to consider Contribute to Building Expertise and Capacity Instead of simply writing checks to various charities, an effective way to contribute to poverty eradication is by lending your employees to these non-profits on a part time or full time basis. A number of organizations in India are partnering with NGOs and .mitting and X number of employees that will work in a charity of their choice all over the country for a few weeks. These employees are able to share their experiences and insights on a variety of functions such as HR, .munications, IT, etc to build functional work environments within charities. Investing in Women A .monly raised issue among corporations pursuing CSR in India, women tend to suffer the most in developed as well as developing worlds due to poverty. However, there is a ray of hope if only 10% more of the girls in your country are able to attend to school. Statistics say that something as simple as this can help the economy of India to grow by 3%. Furthermore, women also tend to invest in their families and .munities a lot more than men ever will. By funding and staffing investment and training programs specifically for the female population in your .munity is a great way to contribute to growth in the countries you do business in. A number of apparel businesses are training artisans in rural India to make products that will be sold in .pany stores. Technology .panies are training women on how to use mobile phones and other devices, FMCG .panies are training women on salesmanship. Partnering with Water and Sanitation Projects Much in sync with PM Narendra Modis Toilets not Temples project that aims at improving facilities for women in Rural India, it is a known fact that without water nothing is possible. Even in rural economies, the days of digging wells or building public latrines are .ing to an end. Increasing number of businesses is choosing to partner with non-profits to create market driven solutions that approach problems of water scarcity and unsafe sanitation in innovative ways. With a little creativity and a proactive approach your business can effectively contribute to the socio-economic growth of your country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: