Hu He and his wife became the first wife to make the performance of the amazing (video), Sha Yi,-cashmere mafia

Sha Yi Hu He first wife to husband and wife Sha Yi "amazing" 32 sets of war drama "Tencent entertainment news from Zhejiang Tak television produced by Limited by Share Ltd" in October 19th, landing in Liaoning, political commissar of the Henan satellite TV, since the broadcast gains a lot of attention and praise, ushered in a wide attention in the role of "political commissar of the famous actor Sha Yi and Lao Qiu the wife of Hu He to join in. But now the story progress of nearly 1/3, the fate of the characters is also experiencing more and more twists and turns, and Sha Yi and Hu He on this "married" has not appeared in the audience’s perspective, it makes people more to look forward to in doubt, what would happen to between two people. In fact, in the "political commissar" in Sha Yi and Hu He played the role of a loving years of love, is both a husband and wife and two comrades in anti lost contact, after several years in assisting the Yunnan 278 uprising by cast in action again. Over the past few years, although the reality has changed, but two people as the first love feelings never fade, this feeling with vigour and vitality that will give the audience a different move. In reality have come together for seven years, Sha Yi Hu He played a couple of love like this, can be said to play feelings together into play, and for his wife Hu He’s performance in the play, Sha Yi is praised up. As the people’s Liberation Army arts, "student", Sha Yi joked that Hu He is hosting their origin, acting or even better, is the truth is the wife of the acting teacher". As for Hu He "in" political commissar in the show, Sha Yi the "acting teacher" unabashedly said "her presentation can be" amazing "to describe". Sha Yi further explained: "I think it may have been a child now, suddenly her whole performance status is completely different from before." Visible wife’s performance not only let Sha Yi feel amazing, but also to bring a full sense of pride and happiness to Sha Yi. In the end, the double partner Sha Yi Hu He on this work and life will be the interpretation of a love story like, "" continue to lock the political commissar, see "married" to bring amazing performance! "The commissar" staged "the cook Sha Yi trailer exposure counter attack"相关的主题文章: