Huang Xiaoming enters Qingdao pure health global chief brand officer was unveiled in Shanghai in

Huang Xiaoming enters Qingdao pure health global chief brand officer was unveiled in Shanghai – drinker Beijing Beijing, August 26, August 25th, Huang Xiaoming appeared in Shanghai, attending the "pure Qingdao students live life" — the 2016 Qingdao draft Hwan new conference, he will be a new Qingdao pure health cup day facelift listed in one gulp. Then, took the card from Tsingtao President Huang Kexing hand, become a member of Tsingtao, officially became "global chief brand officer. Get a new identity of Huang Xiaoming said he is "marry the door" has become Tsingtao Brewery, hope to pass the identity of the new Qingdao pure health "live life" concept to more young people, and Qingdao pure health more happiness to everyone together." A big wedding dress drink pure bright match in the morning, immediately "fresh" Huang Xiaoming "magic": in a magical atmosphere full of light and the world’s best music sound, the magician standing at a height of about two meters of the empty box beside the shutter, slowly pull organs, rotating blades worn by Huang Xiaoming dressed in wedding the dress, smiling costumes appear in the box. Magic on stage, Huang Xiaoming is as funny, witty and analogy: self proclaimed small drinking Tsingtao Brewery grew up ", Qingdao Office of pure Global CEO is the most fun" since Tsingtao Brewery just ha (drink)". The activities on the spot. Drink twice, show amazing liquor, has said "according to the Qingdao rules, standing had not", "a drink enough beer". It is understood that Huang Xiaoming drink is released new Huan Qingdao pure health products. The conference launched a total of six new Qingdao draft, based on maintaining the original quality of taste, add French shiny new packaging design, the appearance of further fit the young fashion consumer groups aesthetic, to highlight the vitality of centuries of Tsingtao: new product diamond logo that overall visual design will be more agile, the waistline bottle show more tall, gentle and smooth lines, feel comfortable, full of clever beauty and passion for life, the consumer is more visual publicity, fresh, full of vitality, it also makes Qingdao pure health successfully promoted to become the new aristocracy in beer industry. The foreign friends are sharing love Tsingtao Brewery as the people of Qingdao are very proud that Huang Xiaoming as "global panda ambassadors to visit Washington just over a year old baby panda breeding, so after a long flight from the conference on the same day the United States rushed home, over the past few days he slept less than ten hours also, the body in extreme exhaustion. But the pure draft beer tasting, taste fresh and lively moments away tired. Huang Xiaoming also share with their foreign friends also love Tsingtao Brewery, as his hometown of Qingdao brand, feel particularly proud of. So when the on-site tasting pure draft beer, Huang Xiaoming more confident everyone will love more, thanks to the characteristics of pure draft beer. Pure draft beer tastes fresh and pure, smooth entrance more nutrient rich; pure draft beer with aseptic brewing, microbial fermentation is properly controlled, isoamyl alcohol, isobutyl alcohol, propyl alcohol, higher alcohol content is low, the enzyme activity can be well preserved.相关的主题文章: