Hubei national day return traffic reached 1 million 500 thousand high-speed traffic blowout (Figure)

Hubei national day return traffic reached 1 million 500 thousand high-speed traffic blowout (Figure) original title: photo: millions of car tumbled back road chutianjinbao news pictured: yesterday evening 6 pm, Dai Huang speed to Fu River traffic peak (reporter Cao Dapeng photography Chu Tianjin) daily news pictured: yesterday evening 6 o’clock, Dai Huang high-speed to Fu River appeared peak traffic peak return after the return, some sections appear small peak yesterday, the National Day holiday this year, the first wave peak return rujierzhi, high-speed road traffic over the province, blowout. Peak scheduled to call up at 11:20 yesterday Xu, Wu Jing high-speed Hanchuan section of Jingmen to Wuhan direction of traffic flow. Traffic police real-time upload road traffic pictures show that the emergency lane is full of cars, as if the three lane". Almost at the same time, from the Provincial Police Corps brigade Xiantao said that the holiday will block the Han Yi high-speed Xiantao two-way flow, no vehicles stranded. However, yesterday afternoon, also from the police brigade Xiantao news, Xu at 3 yesterday afternoon, Han Yi high-speed Xiantao section of Yichang traffic to Wuhan road vehicle blowout, intensive, slow traffic. Real time monitoring showed that some impatient drivers on the road, overtaking in the emergency lane, traffic police said that the illegal occupation of the emergency lane, will be fined 200 yuan deducted 6 points. In addition, 1 pm yesterday, there was news that Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed Hubei west section of Changyang to Yichang, Wuhan direction LANGPING parking area and rock fishing to Zhu Quan Xi tunnel (LANGPING station to gaojiayan station) by the car traffic impact, traffic congestion. Chutianjinbao reporter then from Changyang provincial police brigade learned yesterday return traffic, because it is a long tunnel, had just opened a single lane, yesterday, temporarily removed the cones and double lane recovery, congestion retention situation is relatively better. 8 pm, Hanchuan Police Brigade, the Wu Jing high-speed Hanchuan to Wuhan section for more traffic accidents and traffic congestion caused by collision. City road is Yin and Yang face in Wuhan each city, also in yesterday afternoon have ushered in the first wave of peak return. Real time traffic monitoring picture upload media group Jiang’an police, 1 pm yesterday, three city Jintan elevated two-way flow, traffic is small, and at 3:45 in the afternoon, into the city is on the way the car plug direction. The road in the downtown area of Wuhan, the return peak effect, increase traffic. Yesterday afternoon at 3:50 PM, Jianghan traffic brigade announced that the second line to the HanKou Railway Station Zhuyeshan direction of traffic increases, Jianghan traffic police in HanKou Railway Station surrounding to ease, the signal lamp program is the formation of green wave band release, HanKou Railway Station, Jin Jiadun passenger station area HD camera are all open, illegally parked vehicles made blocking reminder, capture. Wuchang, near noon, monitoring shows that Zhongshan Road city vehicles than the direction of the direction of the city, the reproduction of the road, yin and Yang face". Last night at 8:40 PM, Provincial Police Corps bulletin, 6 midnight to 20 am, Hubei highway traffic return reached 1 million 500 thousand units, an increase of 22.5%, an increase of Kai相关的主题文章: