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The 14 cities of Hunan Province, the most strict water resources assessment was well above the Hunan channel, October 13th, by the Hunan Provincial People’s government approval, in 2015 cities to implement the most stringent water management system assessment results officially announced, Changsha City, Changde city assessment level is good, the other 12 city state assessment rating good. According to "Hunan province to implement the most stringent water management system assessment procedures" provisions, the first half of this year, the provincial water resources department, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial Commission by letter, the Provincial Department of finance, land and resources department, the provincial Environmental Protection Office, the provincial housing Department, the provincial Agriculture Commission, the provincial audit department, the Provincial Bureau of statistics form the assessment working group to implement the most stringent water management system of cities and states to carry out the implementation of the 2015 annual assessment. From the completion of the target, the province’s water resources management and control objectives in 2015 completed. 14 cities in total 33 billion 10 million cubic meters of water, the annual water volume control standard; yuan industrial added value of 82 cubic meters of water, down 42.7% compared to 2010, the effective use of irrigation water coefficient of 0.496, the completion of the annual water efficiency control objectives; compliance rate of major rivers and lakes water quality is 86.8%, the completion of the annual water function zones compliance rate control target, did not break the red line. From the perspective of system construction and implementation measures, the water resources management measures to further implement the total control of water price reform has been continuously strengthened, show results, the construction of water-saving society steadily, water function areas and drinking water source protection effect is apparent, the full implementation of the establishment of the most stringent water management system, assessment system to further improve the management to fully implement the responsibility system. Briefing pointed out that although the most strict water resources management system implementation of the province has made obvious progress, but in the implementation of the most stringent water management system also has the foundation of water resources management work is weak, measurement control and management support to lower ability of water conservation awareness is not strong, the mechanism of the system and the management system is not perfect, not the formation of water resources management ability etc.. City People’s government to further enhance the awareness of the implementation of the most stringent water management system assessment work, strengthen communication and coordination between departments, strengthen the assessment of the construction of the support means, in view of the problems discovered during the test, the practical implementation of improvement measures, and comprehensively promote water resources management. (reporter correspondent Chen Jue Deng Jijian) (Chen Qinxing Lu, commissioning editor: Zeng)相关的主题文章: