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Travel-and-Leisure For Australian tourist visa holders, exploring the country will definitely be a good experience during your stay. And since Australia is a big country, there are many things that you will discover while exploring the country. And since the word big has already been mentioned, it’s definitely the time to talk about Australia’s Big Things. So what are these Big Things? The so called Big Things in Australia are basically a large collection massive sculptures scattered around the country. Though, you might think that all of these belong to a single project, you might be surprised to find out that most of these are in fact, independent works. These usually serve as tourist traps which attract people to look at them and, by extension, buy from the establishments near them. On the other hand, for tourists themselves, going out in the open, looking for them and collecting their pictures is a good vacation experience. Most of the Big Things are simply large statues of animals. Every state has at least one of these Big animals. One interesting statue is that of the Boxing Crocodile found in Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory. This one is interesting in that it was sculpted in such as way as to look like a crocodile with boxing gloves on and raring for a fight. The Big Crocodile in Normanton in Queensland is also another good one to see. This one is an accurate life sized replica of what is considered as the largest crocodile ever captured. Australia’s national animal, the kangaroo, also makes an appearance in the Big Things. Dubbed by locals as Rooey II, the statue is located in Border Village in South Australia and stands in at five meters. The oddest thing about this statue is that it can be seen as holding a soft drink can. The original design in fact shows it holding a can of beer instead. However, it was changed in order not to give the wrong impression. Plants are also aplenty in the collection, signifying the large harvests in the farms that most of them are located in. There are several Big Apples that can be found here (and you thought that New York was the only one). The Big Pineapple in Woombye in Queensland is also a perennial tourist favorite. There are still a hundred or so Big Things scattered around Australia. And there are in fact tours available that will take you to them. But if you want a more interesting experience, then you can simply pack your things and look out for these on your own. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: