Huzhou the sixth grade boy to write love composition teacher you are very cow-tataufo

Huzhou the sixth grade boy to write love composition teacher: you are very cow original composition mentioned a plan for summer vacation, most people tend to think of how to learn, but I think the summer is not so boring method! We are unsuspectingly boys and girls, but people always have a crush on the process. Now I graduated from primary school, I love her for three years, some people said to me: you are not worth it!" But I always have a firm answer to them: "I am willing to do anything to her." Perhaps love is so persistent, but sometimes also stubborn! Now I know that she and I are the same high school, I think this is fate? Primary school is in a class of middle school, and together, Zhang Xiaoxian said "the fate always be long in coming". But think back, I deserve her? Do I really have a chance with her? Or a share of hate? I often think of this question, do I really love her? If it is true, then I think I will try to chase it! I push myself, because I believe that Zhang Xiaoxian said, "the power of love is endless!" The time is coming, I think I want to work hard, but think about it, I got better grades than her, is among the best, but why…… In short, a person must be responsible for their own, even if there is no her, I should have a good time to complete their own studies, to strengthen their own physical exercise! See here, you must have some idea to me, the world is this, for their own responsibility! Speaking of this, you must want to know who she is, she is a little girl. She surnamed Lu, I love call her Xiao qian! Well, this is my summer vacation plan, my life plan…… PS: don’t judge me! Didn’t you come over here? See here, Xiao Bian could not help but say, the children’s shoes, you are really domineering side leakage ah! However, the children’s teacher, also gives God comments. The teacher comments 1 really, as is a good thing to write in the school classroom zuowenben Zaolian, and handed over to the teacher, have the courage not to see the children. You are very cow, I seem to see the flame of youth burning in your head. Thank you very much! Because you trust me so much that you won’t tell me such a private thing. The last thing you said, I almost did it, you’re right. You let me not to comment, I am sorry, I still want to evaluate, because I am your composition tutor oh. 2 I am ashamed, until the sixth grade is not really like object, then I also indulge in real nests, the river fish catch this childish. I was surprised that you wrote: "love for three years". Did you fall in love with her in Grade Four? It seems her charm no wow, gorgeous? The Empress Dowager? Not as a bar. I really want to see her! I hope I won’t let you down. Anyway, I do not love you so early, it seems that I am not high EQ, perhaps I am slow. 3 do not say first "puppy love" on whether, or to talk about your composition. Test the composition, should be entitled, "my summer vacation plan", the focus should be written "plan". The plan is to write what you intend to do during the summer vacation. Since your theme is "love", it should be in the essay writing since!相关的主题文章: