I can stay at home for a year!!! (video) rainism

I can stay at home for a year!!! With the rapid development of modern society, innovation is no longer confined to the field of science and technology, even in our daily lives, these small improvements can be seen everywhere. Life can be ordinary but must be wonderful, every change can bring us new surprises and convenient. The shop owner to bring a series of innovative design Home Furnishing today, these creative talent design will make you want to stay indoors ~ transparent windows second balcony, regardless of rain or sunshine overflowing weather, you can enjoy a wide view of happiness. Contraction of the swimming pool design, so that you are in a small space on the ground to open and prone to water Carnival two not mistaken, the instantaneous utilization of space doubled. When can the backyard parking lot, steadily rising and falling, is it not a movie out to do the task to large in both visual sense. Duang in a few seconds, you can make your living room and bedroom to complete the replacement, after about a friend can say: "come to my house to play, I’ll give you a magic." The cupboard behind bed, watching the Korean goddess Obama mad child, can turn seconds sleep. Every inch of small space can become your sanctuary. No longer have to worry about shopping clothes to buy too much, the cabinet is not enough. This bed is preparing to star in the new movie star. The black and white variety bed creative layout, let you different every day! Study the bookcase integration, let the spirit of the corner of your switch form. The telescopic bookcase, from one to one hundred, I can have a fit. You can hide the kitchen, one can not see the lampblack machine, kitchen stove, kitchen is not instantly tall on up. Contact type tank, you only need a gesture automatically and can also appeared, the original cold Home Furnishing can also have consonance. After reading so many creative brain cave home design is not minutes into a family home. In fact, a lot of time as long as a little improvement, you can make your life experience more convenient and comfortable high-end. This article from Tencent news client from the media, does not represent the views and positions of Tencent news. SONOS Wang Hanhua: if there is no music, home is just a house相关的主题文章: