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"I write a poem for the activities of three" press conference held in Beijing – Sohu culture channel as an important speech to conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping at the Forum on literature and art spirit, to the vast life, the great practice of writing people, on the solid earth, recording era giant change process, adhere to the people, for the people to express emotion, as people’s feelings, to promote the cause of the prosperity of contemporary poetry, "poetry" by Chinese Writers Association agency, Sansha municipal government and Hainan radio and television co host, TV host of "Chinese Sansha Poetry — youth three activities and" I Sansha poem collection activities held at a press conference on November 18th China Museum of modern literature. China Writers Association vice chairman Gio de Maja, the famous critic, Peking University professor Chinese, Ph.D. Xie Mian, "poetry" agency deputy editor Shang Zhen, Li Shaojun, deputy editor of "poetry" and "poem", and explore the forests of Sansha municipal deputy secretary of Hainan East, radio and television station vice president Ye Ming and the Sansha municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Huang Xiaohua, director of TV Sansha Huang Dan attended the press conference, and speak speech, answering a reporter’s question. Conference began by CCTV host Ma introduced the main leaders, guests. Subsequently, Li Yunxi, Jiang Xinde, respectively, read the poem in Xisha, the whole conference in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Conference, July 24, 2012, set up three Shashi, under the jurisdiction of islands and sea area of Paracel Islands, the Zhongsha Islands, Spratly Islands. For the promotion of Sansha, further stimulate the people across the country and overseas Chinese to Sansha’s attention and love, better for the development of Sansha gather positive energy, Sansha municipal government, Hainan radio and television and satellite TV to China Sansha Writers Association "poetry" agency, now in the country launched with "I write for three poem" as the theme of Poetry & activities. This "China Poetry — youth three will be" my Sansha poem "as the theme, in the country and overseas collection of poetry, around the country to set up three Shashi strategic and practical significance, to Shashi cultural history, local customs and practices, tourism geography, social development and construction achievements as the theme, chant Sansha praise, Sansha Sansha, acura. The collection time is one month, and the new poetry can be used. All the collected works by "poetry" agency, the organization of expert selection, selected 123 award number, which won first prize 2, bonus 30 thousand yuan each; two prize 3, bonus 10 thousand yuan; third-prize 10, bonus 5000 yuan each; a number of outstanding award, award certificate. "Poetry" also will invite twenty poets and poetry collection before third-prize contest winners to participate in the "Chinese poetry Sansha — youth three large poetry reading evening. "I was writing a poem during three national poetry collection", "poetry" agency will organize about fifteen famous poets to Sansha folk songs, writing poetry, and has three hundred thousand subscribers in "poetry" social public micro signal as a platform for propaganda campaign, and expand the influence of Sansha Sansha TV. "Chinese Poetry — youth three large poetry reading evening intends in 2017 New Year’s day period.相关的主题文章: