Icebreakers Famous Friendships-3edyy

Below is a list of famous / semi-famous friendships. While this certainly is not a complete list, it is a start. These can be used in several ways: Who am i?: Place a tag/ sticker with each name on the back of people as they enter the meeting. Do not tell them that these are pairs of friends. Their task is to mingle around asking "yes" or "no" questions to discover the character on the tag. After a brief time of mingling have each person find his or her "friend" and share a quality they look for in a friend! (The three stooges are included in case you have an odd number of people.) If the group is small you might give out only one of each pair and then once everyone has discovered his/her identity have them name the friend associated with the person on the tag they have been given. Name the Most Famous Friends: Have youth make a list of famous friends. Award the team or individual youth with the most. Award extra points if Jesus and John are mentioned. Do not count famous couples (i.e. husband and wife). Double charades: Divide the group into 2 or more teams. Divide each team into pairs and have each pair attempt to get their team to guess the famous friends. Famous Friends 相关的主题文章: