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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Zeroing in on one baby bath tubs is no mean feat considering the wide range of baby care products that are available in the market and the variety of the products that a newborn requires. Also, there will be several guests invited for the baby shower party. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that your gift does not be.e as repetitive as most other baby shower gifts. The following list of baby care product will give you an idea of the one that you can go for: Crying Baby Analyzer The reason for a baby crying is often indecipherable, more so for new mothers, thus, leading to stress and panic in the household. So, a Crying Baby Analyzer is one of the most unique and helpful gifts that you can give to a soon-to-be mother. It is provided with five buzzers, namely, sleepy, bored, stressed, hungry and annoyed. Resetting this analyzer while the baby is crying will make one of the buzzers go off, thus, indicating the reason behind him crying. Traveling Crib It is a travel bag that doubles up as a crib for the baby and proves to be very helpful for you, while giving the baby .fortable when he is sleeping. Parents need to carry their entire world with them while they are traveling with a baby. This spacious bag offers them enough space to carry the essentials for the baby. When babies be.e cranky due to lack of sleep, the traveling bag can be opened up to provide with a .fortable place for the baby to sleep in peacefully. Huggable Pacifiers Pacifiers often help in pacifying a crying toddler, as the name suggests. However, it often difficult to locate them, especially when parents need them the most to pacify the baby. Huggable pacifiers .e in handy as they are provided with a colorful soft toy at one end of it. This not only makes them easy to locate whenever needed but the child gets a toy to play with in addition to the pacifier, thus, keeping his mind diverted from the reason due to which he was crying. Baby Shusher It is always not possible for either of the parent or grandparents, considering that nuclear families are a rapidly growing trend in India, to keep the child .pany. So, while the parents are busy with household activities or other responsibilities, a shushed can double up for the parents. Placing it beside the baby makes it produce shushing sounds that calms the baby and lull him back to sleep, whenever he wakes up crying. Baby Bath Tubs Giving your baby a nice bath in a baby bath tub is one of the activities when parents bond with their child. It creates and strengthens the bond that they share. Presenting a soon-to-be mother with a baby bath tub will be a gift that is both useful and lasts long. There are several types of baby bath tubs in an array of colors that you can choose from. You can purchase one of the baby bath tubs from the many that will be available at a kids store or from an online shopping portal. Woombie A newborn is wrapped with several layers of bed linen to calm him down and create an environment for him that makes him feel that he is still inside the mothers womb. A woombie, similarly, mimics such an environment and .forts the newborn without having to wrap him up in several layers of bed linen. It provides the baby with the necessary warmth needed for a .fortable sleep. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: