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Send a number of "black technology" new Yu Chengdong and Luo Yonghao platform Phoenix Technology News News November 23rd iFLYTEK, iFLYTEK this afternoon in Beijing officially released iFLYTEK super brain box, flying fish, heard all things Internet assistant, input method and other variety of new products. IFLYTEK chairman Liu Qingfeng said that the artificial intelligence explosion era has come, and will bring a huge change in the industry. Figure: iFLYTEK 2016 annual conference heard is the release of the Xunfei black technology is one of the new voice, for government and enterprise and judicial, media, and other users with the shorthand to text industry solutions. It can achieve real-time voice into text, and the correct rate of 98%. In this conference, Xunfei will address conversion in real time to speak and hear the words as a guest host on the big screen in real time, and can be converted into voice at the same time, Japanese, Chinese, Chinese. At the same time, iFLYTEK released Xiao translation machine for individual users, users can achieve cross language communication. Hu Hu, President of the value of the value of the site demonstrates the use of small translation machine with foreign friends in English and Chinese dialogue, from the scene to show the effect of translation speed and accuracy are very high. Figure: Hu Yuzhong English real-time translation in intelligent Home Furnishing field, iFLYTEK launched a super brain box, box is a collection of smart home speech recognition and natural language understanding of core technology. Including full voice, video on demand, intelligent remote control, Home Furnishing K song, English translation study and life archive and so on. We can use voice to "channel", "fast", "the next episode" a variety of voice commands, and even can be issued "fast 20 seconds" complex and detailed voice command. According to reports, the response speed of super brain box only 0.2 seconds from the demonstration effect, response speed and accuracy is very high. Figure: Hu Yu introduced iFLYTEK super brain iFLYTEK also launched a car smart Internet system – flying assistant. It iFLYTEK interactive technology based on artificial intelligence, can provide voice control services, interactive experience and auto service for users. In addition to providing voice map search, navigation, telephone calls, etc., but also has a more in-depth interactive features, such as the context of our recommended restaurants, entertainment and other cross scene interaction, task based dialogue. Figure: demonstration of assistant flying fish at the same time, iFLYTEK also launched the interconnection of all things is iFLYTEK input method, artificial intelligence technology based on system input solutions launched. Intelligent input interaction can be provided in the far field, mobile, and no screen input scenario. The use of OCR intelligent scanning technology can be written on the paper quickly synchronize the device, and support the somatosensory input and voice input technology, we can write and modify the text of the text. At the same time, iFLYTEK also launched a voice and text Ge radio platform, through the technology of analog voice and voice, the scene shows a simulation of Luo Yonghao machine voice said in a speech, the audience feel very lifelike. Figure: all things Internet input method support scanning and somatosensory input in this conference, iFLYTEK also launched a customer service robot "for the bank to Xiao man". Man robot integrated AIUI.相关的主题文章: