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In fact, everyone should have such a artifact! Sohu – tech geeks hands without moving mouth since childhood love with cats brother (maoyanTC) is concerned about the future of this equipment I would like to share, but before being hesitant, if you feel it, and eggs, but I really love it. AR (augmented reality) hand cutting machine, each of our family although there is no so-called "garage", but we should also have a general restlessness heart yourself have ample food and clothing? Otherwise, why do not sell so much fire IKEA CNC cutting machine in general can be seen in a professional factory, a device hundreds of thousands, who can afford? So Shaper Origin of the United States has come up with a good idea to solve this problem. Make use of the most popular AR (augmented reality) technology and an accurate algorithm to ensure that the user is able to accurately cut out what they want each time. First, users need to be cut on the object (wood, plaster, plastic plate, etc.) with the identification of the specific coordinates, and then let the machine cover the cut object contour scanning, so that through the software can generate an object’s standard "draft", you can use the software to edit your cutting shape, for example you have to make yourself a skateboard? Or nightstand?? Fine。 Origin built-in AR camera will be passed before the identification of good coordinates for precise cutting, if there is a cut or inaccurate, Origin will automatically correct and continue along the coordinates of the road. The cat brother think everyone should have a this thing, at least my personal feeling is that I can do some things I need, do not have to go to the mall or the secondary market Taohuo, is not necessarily what you want. I can come down from the Down some of my favorite sketches or my own design, anyway, do things out of their own will have a sense of accomplishment. Origin price of $1499, the price is acceptable, it will be shipped in 2017. Concern cat brother (maoyanTC) is concerned about the future相关的主题文章: