In order to increase the effect of anchor program Betta live drug platform-vstart

In order to increase the effect of anchor program Betta platform to broadcast a "drug" JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wang Jing) friends broke the news that micro-blog, the betta live platform, a live anchor drug, cause social concern. Last night, someone responded by saying that he did not rely on drugs, just to imitate the effect of the program to do. To prove that he is not taking drugs, he has done in the local police under the supervision of a urine test, the results were negative. Yesterday, Betta live platform responded, the anchor in the broadcast platform account has been permanently banned. According to the report, in the early morning of October 25th, Betta live on the platform, a male anchor drug seizures, 300 thousand people live for drug abuse. According to the users upload video screenshot shows, a young man sitting in the car driver’s seat, left hand holding a piece of paper, right hand holding a tube, with a tubular object near the nose, make a suspected drug action. After the incident, causing heated debate, there are friends called the police, I hope the police involved in the investigation, the direct impact of drug users will have a lot of people, will cause other people to imitate the community". The evening of October 26th, the anchor on micro-blog’s own behavior to apologize to the public, said the day of the live, he just to increase the effect of the program, the performance of a very bad action. As a fitness model, in order to maintain the body, even smoking are not, then live just to please the audience, curry favour by claptrap. The anchor of the micro-blog certified 2010 Shanghai international model contest T Taiwan model group, micro-blog also wrote the man in the betta live platform account. Yesterday, reporters at the official website of the search platform, Betta live account, that account does not exist. Last night, someone’s anchor Mr. Huang told JINGWAH Times reporter, he did drugs, the day on the platform of live Betta behavior is just a mime, he used in the video of the item is two invoices, nothing on the paper, just to show results. It was not until after the fact that they do not have a bad imitation of the impact, but the Internet I was said to be a direct drug, I will pursue the legal responsibility of these people". Mr. Huang said, in order to prove that he didn’t do drugs, before he has been in residence where the police station will go to the hospital to do a urine test, the urine test results were negative". In human biological samples a Shanghai City, Mr. Huang provides (urine test class) drug testing report, the urine test results without morphine, methamphetamine, ketamine 3 components, test date is October 30th. Yesterday, a staff member told reporters the betta live broadcast platform, the anchor platform has been in a live account permanently banned, but the specific prohibition to disclose the reasons.相关的主题文章: