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In the 500 super rocket bomb has been directing maintenance staff posts identified up to 5 round of Sohu – Military Channel Beijing on September 22nd news: reporters from the day before the rocket in the center, after 5 batches of strict occupation skill appraisal, there are more than 500 in the rocket missile maintenance technicians to achieve certificates, irreplaceable the effect in different positions, has become an important support force weapon "normal maintenance, renovation, repair in wartime to life". A center of the army has a national special equipment repair and maintenance of professional soldiers skills certification qualification. "Missile weapon has a high degree of information, and the maintenance work is complex and precise. It requires very high comprehensive quality of personnel" s theoretical knowledge and operational skills." Center staff Liu Ming said, through the system to carry out professional knowledge and skill level assessment, occupation skill appraisal and other activities, is conducive to improve the ability of army weapon equipment maintenance technical backbone, to promote the steady development of rocket missile maintenance business. In the occupation skill identification process, the center focus on missile weapon professional features, outstanding quality management, refine the evaluation system, through the training, examination, appraisal, actual operation theory and other aspects of missile defense, decomposition assembly, nondestructive testing and other professional soldiers, comprehensive exam elements". At the same time, the center also take teacher lectures, answering questions, experts in the field of combat drills etc., and constantly improve the backbone forces and wartime actual operation ability. In a missile brigade in field training drill site, just by the missile maintenance certification officer occupation trumpeter Zhi Kun Xing, skilled operation specification, timely disposition, the successful completion of a number of missile maintenance tasks, to become a pioneer of equipment support.相关的主题文章: