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In the month, 4 places need to focus on the nursing mother! No sequelae! The Sohu will give the baby mother and new mother often buy a lot of feeding, personal care products, and for their attention, is at rest, multi nutritional supplement, in fact the yard can not be ignored for their mothers, breast, abdomen or vagina mouth is the important place of care, in order to make a better recovery and you should also for himself and additions to your supplies. A new focus of nursing: oral yard, hormones in the body of mother, Shaoshiduocan also increased the burden of oral, so keep the mouth is very important. Suggested that the mother ready to safer, less irritating ingredients in toothpaste, and can clean the oral rinse whenever and wherever possible maternal slobber. Key: two nursing mothers breast pregnancy and postpartum lactation is a major test of the female breast. If you can not take good care of the chest is likely to sag, deformation, small. Breast massage, keep breast cleaning and wearing the right bra is breast nursing points of the yard. Breast massage massage mom can use pure natural skin care oil, to help open the milk tube, nourish sensitive skin and prevent chapped. When the breast chap, be sure to use immediately can accelerate the wound healing effects of emergency medicine nipple soothing cream, both pain and skin repair. So after the end of lactation, insist on the use of whitening milk, can tighten skin, fade spots, reduce breast ptosis, areola deep condition. Clean breast under normal circumstances, the mother can use 100% fine water constituents of cleaning cotton, if breast chap can be used with 0.02% disinfectant disinfection cotton mild pain. For milk, mother to use long-term galactorrhea pad, keep the nipple persistent dry and sanitary, avoid skin rupture. Wear a bra yard breast enlargement, with steel support, support mode and good effect to the nursing bra bowl during the day, night to leisure vest can make breast better relax. If the chest is not a great mother, at home can also use a more casual maternity bra. Key: three nursing mothers postpartum abdomen abdomen: to the birth of new life, mother’s abdominal muscle is stretched and abdominal skin is opened, it widens the pelvis. Some mothers in confinement on the abdomen is not controlled, while others are eager to let things drift, abdomen, postpartum days rush abdomen belt. In fact, these two extremes are not conducive to the recovery of postpartum abdominal. Help postpartum abdominal recovery, be in the yard in the pelvis, pelvic contraction in postpartum weeks, combined with the specific circumstances of natural delivery or caesarean delivery, the correct use of caesarean section or abdomen with abdomen with special delivery. To improve the abdominal relaxation and stretch marks: to deal with abdominal relaxation and obvious use of the essence of stretch marks cream. Key: four new mothers nursing privates after childbirth, lochia is likely to continue for 7 days will gradually eliminate, sanitary napkins postpartum special to use this period of time. If it is a natural birth mother, privates wound recovery may also have to spend a little time. The need for disinfection and cleaning, you can use a mild sense of sterile cotton. )相关的主题文章: