Incoming And Outgoing Tour Operator

Computers-and-Technology To differentiate between tour operator and wholesale packages offered in the market today, it becomes imperative to focus on modules and features as well as your individual specific needs. The features that differentiate TOPAX Management from other competitive systems are: Generic B2B site for a complete on-line Internet booking system for travel agents and remote users, Broad Accounting module, Customer Information module – "Mini CRM" to handle customer contact information and to manage customer relations. Additional features include automatic queuing mechanism that allows users to manage and monitor the business flow, and Tour and Transfer Operation module (TTO) – manages collective PNR’s tour services such as guide and vehicle assignments based on collective size, guide qualifications, vehicles availability, etc. including documentation and profit and lost. From sales activity to profitability analyses and reporting, TOPAX allows you to rapidly get to the information you need, helping you to make the right decisions that keep your business one step ahead of your competitors. Now you can optimize your distribution, find cost effective alternate choices and cut margins. Integrated data-mining tools provide you with the reliance to trace the performance of your business, strengthening your immediate command on operations and financing, and helping you to improve your business processes. Using the smart report generator, TOPAX collates detailed facts for yield management, and presents the data with graphical clarity that gives you total control over your business – right down to the single transaction level. The TOPAX software is loaded with customizable features and parameters that enable you to customize the application to your specific needs. Just select the required parameters and modules and you’ll be provided with a custom-built solution for the price of an off-the-shelf package. Using multi-level security, your partners can participate in your business activities, through various levels of authorization. Transactions always remain confidential, regardless of the number of operators using your system. TOPAX Management has been developed using the latest, scalable technologies that combine simplicity of use with advanced processing power and connectivity to keep you at the cutting edge of the travel technology revolution. The solution incorporates leading edge Web-based technologies and Windows-style application screens. A dependable integration of client/server architecture, a relational database and graphical user interface provide users with assurance that their mission-critical solutions will perform well in the information-intensive travel environment. TOPAX is a modular system that is scalable and cost-effective enough to fit any size of organization. Considered an all-encompassing application designed for companies in need of inbound and/or outbound tour operators platforms. It is a comprehensive platform that manages the entire business aspects of the tour operator operation, commercial, administration and activities. TOPAX is also the most value-added system on the market today. Whether domestic, regional or international, tour operators will find the TOPAX systems’ modules most essential for managing all phases of the business. This Tour Operator software can be used on an ASP model, where the user actually pays only low monthly fees. Formula Travel Solutions maintains the software on a central server location, and they use IBM reliable hardware. Internet access to the system is available for any authorized remote user, from anywhere, anytime, 24/7. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: