India postal express bottled holy water the door has sent seventy thousand bottles of Beijing – in-diying

India postal express bottled "holy water" the door has sent seventy thousand bottles of Beijing in August Beijing – in 27, according to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported on 27, the postal sector in India this year to provide a new service, it uses 155 thousand postal own throughout India, with a bottle of not more than 1 yuan (about Singapore the price of 4.9 yuan), Ganges RIver public transport. India postal department an official said, "if the believer can not go to the mountain, the mountain will be come to him." India Ministry of communications and information technology minister ravu? General de Lhasa to implement this initiative, "if the postman can send mobile phone, Sally, jewelry and clothing, why not send Ganges RIver holy water?" According to reports, the Department of water transport has two sources: Delhi Himalaya mountains town of gango, Ganges RIver is also the source of the problem; the other one is India, the most sacred city of Rishi Gish. The big pot festival since mid July, until the end of September, during the two months, is expected to total millions of people will usher in the pilgrimage. The authorities will — the specific place of bottling bottling water did not open, no label on the bottle. Each containing seven ounces (about 200 ml) or 17 ounces (about 500 ml) of water. From the bottle of water is easier to reach the Rishi Gish price of 15 rupees per bottle. From Gangotri water is priced at 25 rupees per bottle, leading to the road, blocking the rainy season there. Postal officials said the water revenue is only enough to offset spending. Despite the serious pollution are sewage and industrial waste water, Ganges RIver is still in the daily water for 500 million people, all is dedicated to Shiva holy water source. On the move of the government, Gangotri clergy protest, they fear to pilgrims will reduce, although this road is now judged less crowded too early. Said anyway, the post office, the project started after a few weeks, they have sent seventy thousand bottles of water.相关的主题文章: