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Infectious disease hot search list   of the highest degree of concern — Taiwanese dengue Taiwan channel — original title: infectious disease hot search list of Taiwanese dengue highest attention according to Taiwan media reports, open data of infectious diseases (open data), is the first Taiwanese hot search "dengue fever"! "The Department of disease control, the latest statistics show that in the" 203 open data of disease management department open, people most downloaded infectious disease, with "dengue fever" broken 27 thousand times in the league, than the second "intestinal virus" a full 2 times. Disease management department believes that this year’s outbreak of dengue fever outbreak in southern Taiwan, causing public concern. According to reports, disease management department for infectious diseases is open and transparent, and with the Taiwan authorities to open data policy, so far have on the open platform of Taiwan relevant departments on information released 203 open data set, as of September 22nd this year, more than 81900 downloads. Disease management department of epidemic center director Liu Dingping said, "disease management department further statistics, found that all other infectious diseases downloaded before three in order: dengue fever (27084), enterovirus (12014), influenza (2843). People care about dengue fever heat highest Liu Dingping said, and in southern Taiwan dengue epidemic outbreak, we worry more, also want to further understand and know how to face the dengue fever; and two or three intestinal virus and influenza, also are important to the annual epidemics of disease. (commissioning editor: Wang Ying (Intern), Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: