Inner Mongolia Zhenglanqi killed hundreds of swans Investigation of Forest Public Security intervent lformat

Inner Mongolia Zhenglanqi killed hundreds of swans? Forest police involved in the investigation of the central broadcasting network Xilinguole Meng on October 24th news (reporter Baoyin Risic grams is white according to the voice of China jago) "peak Evening News" reported that a lake Inner Mongolia Zhenglanqi of Xilinguole Meng last week that the Swan collective death, the local people said they had recovered the remains of hundreds of swans, suspected to be killed. Forest police involved in the investigation, swan body has been sent to the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau and other departments to detect, the local propaganda department said that before the test is determined, do not rule out the cause of bird flu. The incident in Zhenglanqi Zhagesi Taiwan brazilwood estblishing Nur, about three hundred kilometers from Beijing. Lake Bayan Hanggai check herdsman Uli Gio Batu said: "a person is said to have an old couple, they went to see a lot of photography of Swan Lake, swan corpse floating on the lake. When they go to a nearby town to eat sangiin dalay, to the local highway maintenance staff photographs, highway maintenance personnel rushed to the forest public phone reported." Uli Gio Batu as a local Ranger, involved in the salvage the remains of the swan. He recalls: "I’m with the forest police, with an inflatable raft, under the lake to retrieve the Swan body. Die too much, I don’t count. Forest police said there are more than 150-160 bar. Only a swan left half life." Estblishing Nur in Mongolian means "Swan Lake", the annual autumn and winter are flying south for the winter Swan to stop here. Many lakes Zhagesi Taiwan, estblishing Nur Swan up. The amount of these days near the herdsmen figure said: "October Swan came, the last wave of how to fly to the end of 11. Even the snow, frozen lake, swan can hear sounds. At this time of the year, the lake is full of swans, feeling not so much. When I came to the lake seven days ago, I saw a swan in the lake." The poachers trail appeared, on the amount of these figure said: "poaching more than and 10 years ago, but the scale is not big. Sometimes these people (the Hunter) hit the next two to go away, and some injured swans can not fly, no one to save, in a few days of struggle, died on the lake, we see when it is late. Some herders have also picked up a cell phone, it is estimated that those who hunt down the molecular." The swan is one of the Mongolian totem animals, so herders believe that poachers from the field. This year, the herdsmen heard gunshots. Uli Gio Ba said: "in the last half a month, five or six days, there are a lot of people heard gunshots in the night. They (poachers) estimated that during the day did not dare to put guns, playing in the evening (Swan)." However, Uli Gio Ba said that the Swan salvaged the remains and found no gunshot wounds, some vomit mucus, they suspected poachers and other hunting, part of the body may have been taken in the swan. Zhenglanqi County propaganda department vice minister Liu Changyong said that in previous years the local individual birds of death, but such a large-scale death is rare, they will have the body for the swan. Now the bird’s body has been sent to the Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau to do the authority of the seizure.相关的主题文章: