Internet banking, risk prevention is better

Internet banking, "risk prevention" is better for innovation in October 13th, the State Office announced the "Internet financial risk special rectification work implementation plan of the notice", comprehensive arrangements for the deployment of Internet financial risk rectification work. At the same time, a line of three ministries and commissions to jointly carry out the special rectification of the Internet financial risks with the. The special rectification work has been started in April 2016, plans to be completed before the end of March 2017. For this special rectification, there is a public opinion called Internet banking in the history of the most stringent regulation". Participation from relevant departments so much, to "notice" all for the Internet financial P2P, all the chips, the Internet insurance platform line thinning regulations can be seen, the supervision is more than ever. Internet banking originated in the line, after the Sturm und Drang wilderness era. But in recent years, the Internet financial platform to rent e treasure as the representative of the problems began to emerge, investors suffered heavy losses, causing some events, also have a certain impact on the industry, the drawbacks of lack of discipline and powerful supervision highlights exhaustive. In fact, for Internet banking, although there are some administrative regulations before, but the lack of adequate execution, nor the formation of a more systematic regulatory system. The State Council issued the "notice", is to comprehensively review and rectification of the Internet in the financial sector, the elimination of all kinds of bubbles and risks, so as to better protect the rights and interests of investors. Internet banking is a new thing, after the government is encouraging innovation and risk prevention dilemma. In fact, the two are not contradictory. After all, the essence of the Internet is still the financial finance, the key words is credit, leverage and risk. Based on the contract credit of the commercial society, some of the funds are entrusted to the financial institutions for investment and financing. Financial institutions designed all kinds of investment and financing tools, the use of leverage to enlarge the results of investment. But please note that this amplification and the gains and losses, so only need to pay attention to the risk, it is not only the bottom line should have the basic consciousness and behavior of investors and financial institutions, but also a test of the regulatory responsibility of landing. On the Internet financial, "encourage innovation" is the use of Internet technology and information communication technology based on the new financial business model of financing, payment, investment and information intermediary services, providing a more diverse, more open and convenient investment and financing channels for investors, so behind the technology, operations and customer service to protect innovation. But it doesn’t mean to ignore the Internet financial security, ignoring the anomie of self-discipline and external risk control risk caused by lack of accumulation, "risk prevention" in order to better promote the healthy growth of the Internet finance, so as to provide better products and services for investors in compliance range. To some extent, to prevent the risk, in order to better encourage innovation. Financial innovation is most frequent in the U.S. for example, on the Internet financial regulation, the government also didn’t hesitate. In November 2013, the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau opened huge fines of $190 million for a national chain of small loan companies, the reason is the company registered in the state of Ohio, and not according to the state laws and regulations, strict examination.相关的主题文章: